Tesla in the refrigerator industry! Hisense 32-inch touch screen smart refrigerator stunning IFA exhibition

In the 2018 IFA exhibition to the 5th day, a world's largest touch screen smart refrigerator continues to attract a wave of international manufacturers. This cool product with the name of "Fursery Tesla" , by China's leading home appliance brand Hisense independent research and development manufacturing.

Touch screen has become the 'standard' of smart refrigerators, but Hisense's touch screen intelligent IoT refrigerator has reached 32 吋, which is currently the best in the industry, stunning the audience. Not only that, automatic identification of management ingredients, online browsing Web pages, listening to music, watching videos, finding recipes and even shopping online... The smart features of the touch screen are even more amazing.

Refrigeration preservation is king. This refrigerator adopts intelligent micro-duct technology. The temperature difference between the front and rear of the refrigerator is not more than 0.7 degrees, the refrigeration is more uniform, and the intelligent wet and dry precision control technology makes the food wet and not dry, dry and not dry. A smart IoT refrigerator, which can communicate with other home appliances and cooperate with each other. With advanced 4MICO technology, it can realize sound source localization and noise reduction. It can also realize voice interaction in noisy occasions. Intelligent recognition and self-learning function It is another big feature that can identify ingredients through cloud intelligent algorithms, and the longer the usage time, the higher the recognition rate.

Deeply cultivated independent technology research and development, deeply integrated into artificial intelligence, the future Hisense smart refrigerator will continue to break the boundaries of the industry, bringing people a smarter, more convenient life.

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