On the occasion of the 20 anniversary, TCL refrigerator washing machine will not forget beginner's mind, adhering to the pragmatic and innovative corporate philosophy, for a healthy life and innovati

The old saying goes: ' The moment is not right, cannot be the square, the rule is not right, cannot be the circle '. Any healthy development of the industry, can not do without a benign industry standards to guide and binding. September 3, in Beijing, the first batch of 2018 years through the washing machine new national standard Products conference, TCL refrigerator washing machine under the TCL-free drum washing machine (XQGM110-12307BH) and TCL-free bucket barrel washing machine (Xqm85-9005bys)

Both became the first batch of 2018 through the washing machine new national standard products, and was named the "new national standard first Test through the product."

New standard implementation norm industry to health and safety development In real life, when the level of productivity development changes, industry standards must also make appropriate adjustments, so as to promote the continuous development of an industry. March 15, 2018, the National Standardization Management Committee approved the release of the newly revised national standards for washing machine products, gb/t4288-2018 "electric washing machine for household and similar purposes", which will be implemented on October 1, 2018, which means that the industry has a higher level of regulation, The washing way is developing towards health and safety.

Tcl is also involved in the revision of the new standard, TCL White Power Division general manager Wang Xianju in an interview that the standard once implemented, will bring shuffle to the industry, those small factories will be eliminated by the market. Long-time insight into the health and safety trends of the TCL refrigerator washing machine, has been in the TCL-free washing machine to achieve a full range, the whole process, the whole life of 100% completely free of pollution. All-in-one pollution-free washing machine completely farewell to solid pollutants (wire crumbs, hair, metal, oxides, etc.) and germs (bacteria microorganisms), to achieve true health care; The whole process of washing clean, no separate program operation, so that the pollution-free process more convenient worry, every time is a new laundry experience, so that clothes refreshed;

Full life-free pollution guarantee the product life cycle of TCL-free washing machine, from purchase to use, regardless of the length of time will always be free from pollution, will not be contaminated in use.

Multi-dimension measure to improve washing machine performance quality Washing machine in the guarantee of cleaning effect at the same time, reduce fabric wear is the ultimate goal of the development of washing technology, washing machine high washing rate, low wear rate is also the consumer's best way to wash. In this new standard, in addition to the ' cleaning performance ', ' rinse performance ' and ' wear performance ' is also to ensure that the rational product design, reduce the one-sided pursuit of high cleaning performance and pay for the other unnecessary consumption, further guide the washing machine industry from ' good washing ' to ' wash the health and care clothing ' direction of development,

Further improve the performance and quality of the washing machine, fully demonstrate the high level of washing methods. TCL-free roller washing machine using the first low-speed dry condensation dryer, double-layer high-efficiency metal condenser, to achieve a 40-minute fast wash-bake one-2 pieces of shirts 40 minutes of fast drying, that is, washing speed dry, 2 pieces of shirts 26 minutes to dry, and the drying temperature to achieve 50 degrees of low-temperature drying care,

Let clothes in the low-temperature drying process, even wool, down, silk and other materials can achieve exquisite drying care, Tcl washing machine let clothes not only wear, but for users to create from clean laundry, health care, comfortable wear to dignified travel all-round intimate care. In real life, the family of many people together laundry will cause health problems, TCL-free bucket barrel washing machine in the presence of such a scenario provides a perfect solution.

TCL-free bucket drum washing machine using barrels in the barrel technology principle, to create 1+n exclusive space, with ' 1+n ' type of washing mode, the exclusive bucket with separable design, and design a variety of colors, family members a barrel, to create underwear, socks and other exclusive washing space, to achieve a washing machine to meet the needs of the whole family or many people. TCL Refrigerator Washing Machine products won the first batch of 2018 through the washing machine new national standard products, at this IFA exhibition, TCL refrigerator washing machine also won the home appliance industry refrigerator washing Machine The most innovative appliances brand, TCL-free washing and drying one drum washing machine won the Product Innovation Award, Domestic and international double recognition is the biggest affirmation and encouragement of TCL refrigerator washing machine.