Market share of more than 10,000 yuan accounted for 74% | Casa di washing machine against the trend

According to Zhongyikang data, in the first half of 2018, the proportion of Casadi in the washing machine market reached 74%. In the overall industry, the sales volume showed a year-on-year negative growth of 9.9%, and the sales volume increased by only 0.68%, Casa Di. The washing machine continues to lead with a high share of 74%.

In the first half of the year, the industry is now negatively growing. Casa Di is the first to rise against the trend.

In the first half of 2018, the sales volume of washing machines increased by 9.9% year-on-year, while the sales volume showed a slow growth, up 0.68% year-on-year. These two figures reflect the 'quantity drop of the washing machine industry'. The industry pointed out that this is a high-end transformation of the industry. The overall average price has a direct relationship. The data shows that the average price of the washing machine industry in the first five months increased by 7.6%.

It can be seen from the data that the washing machine industry is gradually coming out of the painful period of structural adjustment and speeding up the transformation. Among them, the market performance of the Casadi washing machine in the first half of the year was outstanding, and the market share of the market of more than 10,000 yuan accounted for the first place. The air-washing category achieved a 75% share of the price range of more than 10,000 yuan in 1-32 weeks, becoming the bonus 'reason' of the high-end washing machine market.

Consumption enters the scene segmentation Casa Di establishes a high-end care ecosystem

Casa Di can lead the high-end washing machine market for two reasons. One is to meet the needs of users with original technology. The 2018 washing machine industry white paper shows that the future washing machine consumption will enter the era of scene segmentation, a traditional washing machine will not be able to meet the family wash Protection needs, the combination of washing machine + dryer + mini washing machine will become the standard of washing, in which washing machine + dryer meets the needs of daily care, mini washing machine to solve underwear, baby and other special care needs.

In this regard, Casa Di formed a high-end care ecosystem including Gemini's washing machine, fiber-seeking, fiber-washing combination and air washing, to meet the needs of users for multi-scene care. Double-barrels for adult clothing and infant clothing, underwear and outerwear partition washing, 1 washing machine 2 drums to meet multiple types of care needs; air wash innovative temperature-changing steam and strong wind care clothing, meet cotton, wool, silk, down, shirt , 貂, 7 kinds of fabrics for large-scale care needs; fiber soft wash combination soft wash, drying system, washing machine has 23 kinds of washing procedures, dryers with more than 20 kinds of drying procedures can achieve 200,000 kinds of drying Dry mode, through the 'wash, dry, protect' to solve the high-end fabric care problems such as silk.

The second is the global resource system. In the world, Casa Di has 14 design centers and 28 R&D institutions. It has the ability to integrate resources in global design, R&D, manufacturing and procurement. It can provide cutting-edge technical support and efficiently complete the precision of resources and requirements. Matching, from 0 to 1, continues to create high-end washing machines for users.

With more than ten years of high-end layout, Casa Di washing machine has achieved great results under the guidance of the single-in-one mode. Today, relying on the high-end care ecosystem, Casa Di washing machine provides classified washing, air washing and washing in the world. And other comprehensive care solutions, at the same time, also set an example for the restructuring of the industry, drive the industry to accelerate, deepen the pace of high-end transformation.