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According to foreign media, KW Heritage is the restoration department of British engineering company KW Special Projects (KWSP), which has restored 12 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/3 sports cars through additive manufacturing technology and has a long history in the UK. Debut on Revival.

'Outdated is a major problem in the classic and historic vehicle market, but modern engineering technology provides a timely and effective solution,' said WD Heritage Engineering Director Edward Smith. 'Working closely with teams, restorers, collectors and vehicle workers, We are helping people to strike a perfect balance between old and new.'

△Repaired Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/3

British racer Martin Stretton, who won the historical Formula 1 Championship in 1995, contacted KW Heritage with his 1971 Italian Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/3, the front of the hood of the car was damaged. , causing a fire problem. As these two cars are about to attend the Goodwood Revival Music Festival, Stretton hopes to find an engineer who can digitally restore replacement parts because the original components are outdated.

To undertake this task, KW Heritage engineers imported 3D scanned hood data into CAD software, and the team redesigned the components in the software, eliminating previous design flaws and complying with FIA certification. Prototype components for verification use high performance Thermoplastic 3D printing, then the assembly was cast in aluminum.

According to KW Heritage, this vehicle repair costs less than one-third of the cost of traditionally manufactured parts. In addition, the 3D CAD files created during this process have been stored as 'digital assets' for future spare parts requirements.

'By benefiting from this technology and the skills of KWSP personnel, if we need them in the future, we already have spare parts,' Stretton said.

△ Scanning the front cover assembly from Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/3

Earlier this year, Sauber Motorsport Co., Ltd. (also known as Alfa Romeo F1 Sauber) upgraded its Swiss car manufacturing facility with 3D Systems' five ProX 800 SLA 3D printers.

Prior to this, the auto giant Fiat Chrysler Automobile Company (FCA), including Alfa Romeo and other brands, demonstrated its early adoptive additive manufacturing technology. Alfa Giulia, released in 2015, used a 3D model front grille.

Stretton's restored Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/3 will be on display at Goodwood Motor Circuit in Chichester, West Sussex from September 7th to 9th.