German testing agency VDE issued a fresh-keeping certificate for Casa Di F+ refrigerator at IFA

'Usually we put food in the refrigerator. In a few days, we will find that the fruit and meat are not fresh, but this refrigerator can greatly extend the shelf life of the ingredients, which is stronger than many big-name appliances in Europe. ' At 8 At the International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA2018), which opened on the 31st of the month, this F+ refrigerator from Casa Di won not only the exhibitors, but also the fresh-keeping certificate of the German testing agency VDE. The effect is extended by 8 times' representative of the refrigerator with international preservation level.

Talking about the 'European' color change, as an indicator market focused on quality, Europe has always had high technical and technological requirements for products. VDE is one of the most authoritative and EU-authorized inspection and certification bodies in Europe, with nearly 2,200 Germans per year. The company and 2,700 customers in other countries have completed a total of 18,000 certification projects. In the European and American markets, the VDE certification mark is a symbol of quality.

According to relevant personnel, the evaluation of the Casa Di F+ refrigerator has passed GS safety, energy efficiency, performance, preservation and other testing items. Finally, the MSA oxygen-control preservation technology of F+ refrigerator has obtained the German inspection agency VDE to extend the preservation effect by 8 times. Certification.

Prior to this, there was no clear definition of preservation in the refrigerator industry. The preservation technology adopted by most enterprises is a relatively solid temperature control mode, which cannot meet the user's demand for long-lasting preservation of the refrigerator. Therefore, the refrigerator industry cannot explore its preservation effect by uniform standards. This certification not only re-verified the original technology behind Casa Di F+, but also made the refrigerator industry have an 'international preservation standard'.

So, what is the subversive nature of the F+ refrigerator, which is known as 'cell-level preservation'? R&D personnel said that the MSA oxygen-preserving technology of the Casa Di F+ refrigerator can independently adjust the nitrogen and oxygen ratio in the storage room, thus delaying the metabolism of the food cells. Keeping the fresh-keeping cycle while retaining the nutrients of the ingredients, effectively delaying the oxidation of the ingredients from the roots, thereby achieving the cell-level fresh-keeping effect; in addition, the A.SPE dynamic sterilization technology and the infrared constant-temperature fresh-keeping technology are both The industry's first.

At the IFA exhibition, a German exhibitor opened the refrigerator door and saw that the ingredients in front of the food remained fresh after a few days of storage, and the water was full. Just call 'If I have such a refrigerator, it would be better!' It is understood that Casa The Emperor not only exhibited a series of F+ free-embedded refrigerators, but also displayed various fine accessories in front of exhibitors in the form of 'real-world anatomical maps'.

'In the past, looking at the refrigerator is the appearance, this time Casa Di presented the most mysterious inner world in front of us, it was very interesting!' The German merchants at the exhibition were amazed. New Zealand's three steel rails, Japan's cooling fan, Brazil's air-suspended oil-free compressor... behind the fine accessories, it is the global innovation system that Casadi leads the innovation of users' needs.

Under the guidance of the 'one person in one' mode, Casa Di has always created the best experience centered on the needs of users, which is also the essential reason for gaining market recognition. Under the premise of slowing overall growth, Zhongyi Kang is the latest The data shows that the price range of more than 15,000 yuan, Casadi increased by 163%, the proportion accounted for 41.6%, the domestic high-end market first; In addition, the current average price of Casa Di F+ refrigerator is 18,302 yuan, nearly 4.5 times that of the industry, high-end The brand-name Casa Di is using the transcript of 'contrarian rise' to explain everything.