At present, the clothing link ecological platform has brought together more than 1800 global ecological resources, to achieve the first half of the annual ecological income growth of 15 times times, i

In the evening of August 30, the 2018.5 Annual report issued by Qingdao Haier showed that the market share of Haier washing machines in the first half was 32.94%, the second 1.85 times times, a 4% increase compared to the same period last year.

At the same time, from the business revenue, Haier washing machine revenue growth of 20%, continue to expand the leading edge. Throughout the industry, the market for washing machines has grown significantly faster than sales. According to the data showed that in the first half of 2018, the washing machine industry retail sales growth of 4.7%, retail sales growth of 10.5%, mainly because with the consumption upgrade, replacement demand becomes the main demand, structural upgrade led to the price increase, high-end transformation trend highlights.

In this context, Haier washing machine actively engaged in high-end transformation, through the air wash, direct drive and other original technology and module iteration, to meet the continuous growth of customer care needs. In the face of high-end clothing can not be washed, dry cleaning may cause the residual damage to the skin, clothing problems, Haier washing machine innovative air washing technology, mink, cashmere and other high-end clothing to wash; through speech input recognition, RFID automatic identification and other clothing recognition technology research and application, Haier realization washing machine according to clothing type, material

, color, such as automatic recommendation of the best care program; 17kg Casa di duo Yun-chang washing machine to meet high-end users on the partition wash, ultra-large capacity of the dual needs, in addition, equipped with the FPA Direct Drive technology inverter motor, twin star balance system to achieve one-off silent washing, WiFi remote control real-time understanding of laundry dynamics. In the face of the rapid development of the Internet of things, Haier washing machine actively promotes the construction of the eco-circle of the clothing network under the guidance of single mode. According to Qingdao Haier semi-annual report data show, Haier Clothing network based on the internet of things RFID chip technology, clothing for the media, parallel clothing brand, clothing association, detergent brand and other resources, to meet the user wash, buy, wear, protect, change the whole process needs, the formation of clothing linked to the ecological circle.