The refrigerator is also colorful | Bosch surprised 24 different color refrigerators at IFA 2018

As a German brand, Bosch has always been a 'straight-boy' style in terms of design, but the situation seems to have changed. At the 2017 IFA, Bosch launched the Vario European refrigerator series, offering 19 different shades. Easy to replace the door. This year, the Bosch Vario series has added 5 new colors: Pearl Purple, Pearl Bronze, Pearl Coal, Pearl Green and Light Gray. For what reason, a refrigerator will be designed like this. A variety of colors? Robert Saxon, chief designer of Bosch Home Appliances, explained: 'We have been developing the color design of our products based on the trend of modern home and lifestyle. The subtle tones and interesting iridescent surfaces can make people feel. To warm and comfortable. '

Every refrigerator that Bosch exhibited at IFA 2018 looks great. It is amazing to be able to see such a colorful refrigerator at this IFA exhibition. It is really amazing. In Europe, home appliances The products are smaller, cheaper, and more focused on interesting features and aesthetics. Bosch's previous home appliances sold in the Chinese market and the US market are not as fashionable as the Vario series, and the situation may be different in the future. Human impressions can also produce subversive changes.

As for the price, the retail price of the Vario refrigerator is 1,399 euros (about 1,635 US dollars, 1,270 pounds or 2,230 Australian dollars). Each additional door costs an extra 170 euros (about 200 US dollars, 155 pounds or 270 Australian dollars).

Editor's point of view: Refrigerator as a home appliance, the design is beautiful and at home is also very eye-catching, Bosch at the IFA 2018 showcase these 24 different color refrigerators, a bright landscape at the show. The current color of the Bosch Vario series refrigerator Cucumber, Champagne, Orange, Espresso Brown, Cherry Red, Coffee Brown, Black, Sunflower, Raspberry, Plum, Mint Green, Aqua Blue, Pearl Night Blue, Shining, Pearl White, Light Blue, Pearl Gold, stone gray, gasoline, etc., more novel colors are under development, I believe that in the future will bring new surprises to users.