Reading: Full screen and MX150 alone significantly blessing | Mai Benben wheat 6 stand-alone evaluation | full screen and MX150 alone significantly blessing | Mai Benben wheat 6 stand-alone evaluation

Although the current notebook product line is more and more abundant, the entry-level notebook is still the most popular among users. The most attractive part of this notebook is that it has a high cost performance, if not a senior game enthusiast, or Professional designers, many users will not choose a notebook with a higher price, to meet the daily office, entertainment is enough. Mai Benben wheat 6 is the product that the majority of users are looking for, in addition to the high cost performance that many notebooks can't match, It also has a full screen with a narrow border, a full-blooded version of the MX150 graphics card, with super high value and strong performance.

One, simple and elegant appearance

The appearance of Maibenben Wheat 6 is as fresh and refined as its name. First look at its A side, the A side is made of precious silver color, made of metal material, and has a matte texture, edges on both sides of the A side. The line makes it look very powerful. What needs to be pointed out here is that the A side of Mai Benben wheat 6 does not have the logo of its own product. In addition to highlighting its fresh temperament, it can leave more users. DIY space allows users to create a notebook that best suits their aesthetic orientation. In addition, its body is extremely lightweight, weighing about 1.68kg.

In order to make the wheat Ben 6 more attractive, its screen uses a narrow and narrow border design, which accounts for more than 80% of the screen. At the same time, this design can also give users a wider view and a more realistic view. The visual experience. The camera of Mai Benben Wheat 6 is also placed on the lower border of the screen. This design can be described as unique, and the narrow border design can be used to the extreme, so that the user's attention is concentrated on the screen. In addition, the screen of Maibenben Wheat 6 is still an ADS high-definition display with a resolution of 1920×1080 and a viewing angle of up to 170 degrees. The details are very realistic and detailed, and the image is still clearly visible from any angle.

Let's take a look at the keyboard of Maibenben Wheat 6. The color matching of this product keyboard mainly includes black and white color matching. The keyboard feedback is set reasonably, and the palm rest area is relatively large, which allows users to enjoy more comfortable input. Experience. There is also a large touchpad that supports multiple gestures.

Mai Benben Wheat 6 provides users with ample expansion interface. On the left side of the fuselage, it has 1 HDMI interface, 2 USB3.0 interfaces, 1 Type-C interface and power interface. Right in the fuselage Side, has a USB 2.0 interface, 1 SD card slot, 1 3.5mm headset interface and security lock. Overall, this interface design can meet most of the user's needs, data transmission, video output, peripherals Connection, wheat Benmai 6 can handle it with ease.

The D side of Maibenben Wheat 6 has a large air inlet. It is made of metal as well as the A side, which can greatly improve its heat dissipation efficiency, but its sound is extremely quiet. The air inlet is also installed. The filter screen can effectively prevent entering the fuselage and prolong the service life of the fuselage.

Second, performance is still good

Graphics processing capability test

A lot of thin and light in order to maintain a more portable body, the graphics card has been abandoned, graphics processing performance can only rely on the performance of the integrated graphics, but the wheat is different, it is equipped with a full version of the user NVIDIA GeForce MX150 discrete graphics card, this graphics card has 2GB memory capacity, memory bandwidth is 64bit, working frequency is 1469MHz-1532MHz, pixel fill rate is 23.5GPixel / s, texture fill rate is 35.3 GTexel / s. instead of full blood version The MX150 operates at a frequency of 1252MHz to 1341MHz, pixel fill rate: 20GPixel/s, and texture fill rate: 30 GTexel/s, which has a declining key parameter. Therefore, Maibenben Wheat 6 maintains a high price/performance ratio while performing performance. No shrinkage.

3DMark is a professional software for testing computer graphics processing capabilities. When testing Mai Benben Wheat 6, we chose the Sky Diver mode for mid-range PCs, which scored 7914 points in this mode. Overall, this way The score is quite impressive, which is much higher than the score of the notebook that only uses the set. So, the wheat Ben 6 has a good graphics processing ability.

Processor performance test

This wheat notebook is equipped with the Intel Pentium Sliver N5000 processor, which belongs to the Pentium series processor. It is worth mentioning that the new product released by Mai Benben is the wheat 6 series, one of which is equipped with a wheat 6A. It is the Celeron N4100 processor, the price is very high, the wheat 6 series multiple processor versions also give users more choices. And this N5000 belongs to the Pentium series processor, its base frequency is 1.1GHz, with 4 cores 4 threads. Using 14nm production process and Gemini Lake structure. The biggest advantage of this processor is its low power consumption, its thermal design power consumption is only 6W, and the thermal design power consumption of Core Low Voltage Processor is 15W. Therefore, this wheat version of the wheat 6 will last longer, and can handle the daily work with ease. In addition, this processor also integrates wifi and Bluetooth, and has a encryption chip, and the encryption performance is as high as 99%, very High security.

So what is the performance of the Intel Pentium Sliver N5000? We tested the processor with two softwares - CPU-Z and Cinebench R15. In CPU-Z, the Intel Pentium Sliver N5000 scored 808.3 for multi-core processing. The single-core processing capacity is 214.7 points. In the Cinebench R15, the Intel Pentium Sliver N5000 has a multi-core processing capability score of 273cb and a single-core processing capacity of 76cb. Overall, such scores are at the average level of similar products and can be satisfied. Required for daily work.

Hard drive performance special test

Maibenben Wheat 6 is equipped with a 256GB capacity solid state drive with SATA III interface. It maintains fast read and write speeds and has sufficient storage space. We use CrystalDiskMark software to perform the performance of the hard disk. Tested, it has a sustained read speed of 483.6MB/s, a sustained write speed of 440.4MB/s, a 4K random read speed of 25.46MB/s, and a 4K random write speed of 70.93MB/s. Overall, Mai The performance of the wheat 6 hard disk has reached the mainstream level of the current solid state hard disk.

Endurance test

Maibenben Wheat 6 has lower power consumption, so it has obvious advantages in battery life. In the special test of PCMark 8 endurance, we open the brightness to the maximum, do not run other additional programs, this computer ran for 3 hours. In 24 minutes, the results are quite good. It is important to know that during the test, the computer is always loaded with a high load and the brightness is also the largest. If we use it normally, the wheat bike 6 will last longer. In addition, the wheat wheat 6 also supports fast charging technology, can charge 70% of electricity in an hour, which is very good news for business travelers.

Comprehensive performance test

PCMark 8 can also measure the comprehensive performance of the computer. Its test items include storage, calculation, games, graphics processing and other functions commonly used in our life. The reference value is relatively large. The final test score of Mai Benben 6 is 2278. Points, in the mainstream level of thin and light. If you do daily office, home entertainment, Mai Benben wheat 6 can easily be competent.

Special test for heat dissipation capacity

In the special test of heat dissipation capacity, we let the wheat chip 6's graphics card run at full load for about half an hour, the body temperature will rise to an extreme value, we took a picture of the C face of the wheat 6 wheat. As can be seen from the figure, the maximum temperature of the C surface is 65 ° C, the lowest temperature is 32.6 ° C, the high temperature area is mainly concentrated in the middle of the keyboard, about 45-55 ° C, and the ASWD area and the direction key area temperature comparison Comfort, no more than 40 ° C. Overall, the heat dissipation performance of wheat Benmai 6 is good.

Third, easy to run a variety of conventional software

Light and shadow magic hand picture batch test

When investigating the image processing performance of Maibenben Wheat 6, we used a light and shadow magic hand to cut 80 original camera images with a resolution of 5184×3456, and automatically exposed the film, while Mai Benben used only 3 points for wheat. The task was completed in 50 seconds.

7-Zip file decompression test

Decompression is also a feature we often use in our daily lives. We decompressed a 4GB compressed package, and Mai Benben 6 took less than 3 minutes to complete the task. Know that if you unpack a large game, Mai Benben Wheat 6 can still be completed quickly.

Although the wheat Ben6 has a high cost performance, its performance is still strong. From the above test results, we can also know that the mainstream software used in the wheat 6 run is very smooth. So use it for regular office, home entertainment , is a very good choice.

Fourth, play all kinds of mainstream games

League of Legends test

"League of Legends" is developed by the American fist game. The heroes of the Tencent game agent in mainland China are playing against the MOBA athletic online games. The national service was opened in 2011. After these years of development, "League of Legends" has become the representative of e-sports culture. When testing this game, we opened all the special effects, the number of frames of the game screen is basically stable at around 55-60 frames, there is no very large fluctuations, the game experience is more comfortable and smooth.

Dungeons & Warriors test

"Dungeon and Warrior" is a 2D scroll-style horizontal fighting network game, which inherits a lot of home machines and arcade 2D fighting games. It focuses on the role-oriented role growth, combined with copy, PVP, PVE. This game was released in 2008, and now 10 years have passed, but the heat is still not reduced. When running this game, the number of frames of the wheat 6 wheat is basically 80-100 frames, much higher than the smooth picture requirements. 60 frames, and there is no large fluctuations, the game experience is quite comfortable.

By testing the above two games, we unexpectedly found that the wheat Ben 6 can run smoothly, indicating that the overall performance of this computer is still good. After work, choose wheat Benmai 6 to relax, mind and body is a very A good choice.

Five, PConline evaluation room summary

Product configuration table

Product configuration
Mai Benben Wheat 6
Intel Pentium Sliver N5000
Graphics card
NVIDIA® GeForce® MX150
hard disk
Performance Testing
Test score (the higher the score, the better the performance)
Cinebench R15
483MB/s (continuous read speed); 440MB/s (continuous write speed)
Sky Diver: 7914
PCMark 8 2278
PCMark 8 endurance test 3h24min

Evaluation summary

Overall, Maibenben Wheat 6 brings a lot of surprises to the majority of users. Now the mainstream narrow-frame full-screen design, thin body, strong performance, long battery life, all of the wheat Ben6 are available. The most critical Yes, users can enjoy such excellent wheat books with only three or four thousand budgets. 6. With such a close price, it is destined to have a very wide audience, whether you are a college student on campus, or Just a newcomer to the job, or a business person who travels frequently, Mai Benben Wheat 6 can be your loyal companion.