Reading: Notebook showing youthful personality | ASUS Lingyao S2 stand-alone evaluation | Notebook showing youthful personality | ASUS Lingyao S2 stand-alone evaluation

As a representative of the thin and light, the ASUS Lingyao series has been recognized by many consumers with its simple business design style. The ASUS Lingyao S series is the youth version of the Lingyao series. This review of the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation Compared with the U series dark blue color scheme, the S series has more beautiful colors and is more suitable for young consumers. In addition, it has a portable body and a narrow bezel screen design. These elements are more popular among young people. Intel's eighth-generation processor and NVIDIA GeForce MX150 discrete graphics card, to meet the daily work needs.

First, product appearance and design style

The ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation is lighter in weight. Its body size is 14 inches, its weight is about 1.4kg, and its average body thickness is 18.45mm. It has good portability. In order to better suit the young people's aesthetic habits, ASUS The Lingyao S 2 generation offers a variety of color schemes. In addition to the traditional gold and gray, it also has a more fashionable matt ash, starry sky gray, metallic silver, ice diamond gold, green grass and many other youthful personality. The color matching is suitable for users to choose, which is more suitable for college students, young white-collar workers, etc. The model of this test is ice diamond gold color. ASUS Lingyao A side is made of metal material in addition to ice diamond gold color, and Has a brushed texture.

The screen of the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation adopts the popular narrow frame design. The three sides of the screen are narrow borders, the screen ratio is about 84%, and the 14-inch body has a 15.6-inch screen. Can get a wider view. ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation screen is equipped with a full HD display with a resolution of 1920×1080. In addition, this notebook can open four screen display modes with one button (normal mode, Eye Care mode, vivid mode, manual mode), can be switched according to different groups of people, different scenes. For the video playback function, ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation has been specially optimized, it uses Tru2life video enhancement technology, intelligent optimization each Frame picture, can improve the contrast of the video.

In terms of keyboard and keyboard, ASUS Lingyao S 2 is equipped with a full-size backlit keyboard. It has a 1.4mm key stroke and is designed in one piece. It is ergonomically interactive. Although it has a 14-inch body, The keyboard is still designed with a 15.6-inch specification, which provides the user with a small keyboard. In addition, the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation also has a large touchpad area, and the response is very sensitive. It supports various gestures and can be replaced under certain conditions. Mouse. In addition, the C-face feels more solid, the palm rest has a metallic brushed texture, the keyboard has a hole-like texture around it, and the touchpad has a very smooth texture. In addition, the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation shaft With a sunken design, this design allows the notebook to have a 3.5 degree angle with the horizontal desktop, making the typing experience more comfortable and also conducive to heat dissipation.

In terms of scalability, the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation can also meet daily needs. The left and right sides of the fuselage have 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 micro SD card slot, and the right side of the fuselage has a USB 3.0 interface, 1 USB3.1 Gen1 Type-C interface, 1 HDMI interface, 1 3.5mm headset interface and 1 power interface. Users can easily deal with data transmission or video output, ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation.

In addition, ASUS's audio system has also been specially designed, equipped with ASUS SonicMaster vocal master sound technology, through the professional decoder and excellent noise reduction function, so that the sound of ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation is more real, purely.

Second, hardware configuration and performance

Intel's eighth-generation processor blessing

ASUS Lingyao S 2 is equipped with Intel's eighth-generation processor - Intel Core i7-8550U. Its working frequency is 1.8GHz, the core frequency can be accelerated to 4.0GHz, with 14nm production process, the third-level cache is 8MB, thermal design power consumption is 15W, using 14nm production process. This is a thin and lightly used processor, which can make notebooks easy for various daily tasks while maintaining low power consumption.

In the CPU-Z processor performance test, Intel Core i7-8550U's multi-core processing capability score of 1889.5 points, single-core processing ability score of 463.4 points. Cinebench R15 is also a test processor performance software, in this software The Intel Core i7-8550U has a multi-core processing capability score of 553cb and a single-core processing capability score of 171cb. From the above test results, the performance of the Intel Core i7-8550U is quite good, higher than the Intel Core i5-8250U. less.

Full blood version of the MX150 discrete graphics

The ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation is equipped with the NVIDIA Geforce MX150 discrete graphics card. From the GPU-Z detection data, the memory capacity of this processor is 2GB, the operating frequency is 1469-1532MHz, and the pixel fill rate is 23.5GPixel/s. The material filling rate is 35.3GPixel/s, which proves that this card is full of blood. Under the premise of keeping the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation light body shape, it can have more powerful graphics processing ability.

In the 3DMark graphics performance test, the NVIDIA Geforce MX150 scored 9791 in Sky Diver mode, indicating that it can handle some common tasks with ease. In Fire Strike mode, it scored 3168 points, indicating that it runs some large games. No problem. With such results, it proves that the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation has excellent graphics processing capabilities.

Hard disk literacy test

In terms of hard disk, ASUS Lingyao S 2 is equipped with a SATA III interface solid state drive with a capacity of 256GB. In the AS SSD Benchmark hard drive performance test, the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation continues to read at 482.17MB/s. The sustained write speed is 451.45MB/s, the 4K continuous read speed is 25.31MB/s, and the 4K continuous read speed is 81.96MB/s. Overall, the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation hard disk read and write speed has arrived. The average level of mainstream SSDs.

Endurance test

The long-lasting endurance is an inherent advantage of the thin and light. According to the information detected by the ADIA64 software, the battery power of the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation is 41747mWh. In the PCMark 8 endurance test, the life of the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation The score is 2 hours and 32 minutes. It is worth noting that the test process computer is always under high load. If it is used regularly, the ASUS Lingyao S 2 will last longer. If you travel frequently, then The ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation will be a good choice.

Comprehensive performance test

In addition to testing battery life, PCMark 8 can also test the overall performance of the computer, including storage, computing, games, graphics processing and other common functions. The score of ASUS Lingyao S 2 is 3,605 points. There is no problem in the regular work of the Lingyao S 2 generation. If you want to play mainstream online games such as League of Legends, it is ok.

Third, office performance testing

Good office experience is an important indicator to measure the performance of a thin and light book. Below we choose several commonly used office software, to see how the performance of ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation office.

7-Zip file decompression test

We will use a 7-Zip software to decompress a RAR compression package with a size of 4GB. The ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation takes less than half a minute to complete the task. If you extract a large GB game, It can be done quickly.

Light and shadow magic hand image processing ability test

In the graphics processing capability test, we chose the light and shadow magic hand software, which automatically exposed 100 SLR photos and batch processing of automatic white balance. The time for the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation to complete this task is 1 minute 16 Seconds, indicating that its graphics processing ability is not bad.

Beaver Converter Video Processing Capability Test

In the video processing capability test, we converted a 4K video with a duration of 3 minutes into a high quality MP4 file with a resolution of 1920×1080 using the Beaver Video Converter. The ASUS Lingyao S 2 took 1 minute and 10 seconds. Completed this task.

Fourth, the game performance test

Fortress Night test

"Fortress Night" is the main competitor of "Jesus Survival: Big Escape". The configuration requirements are not as high as the latter, which allows more users to experience eating chicken games. During the test of the game, the effect is turned to medium, the resolution is 1920×1080, the vertical sync is off, and the number of frames is not capped. During the game, the number of game frames of the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation is basically 70. -90 frames or so, far higher than the 60 frames required for smooth picture, the number of frames does not have large fluctuations. The game experience is good.

League of Legends test

"League of Legends" is a typical MOBA game. Compared to other games, the hardware requirements are not too high. When testing this game, we set the maximum effect, the resolution is 1920×1080, vertical sync. Close, the number of frames is not capped, the number of frames in the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation is around 80-110 frames, far more than 60 frames, the picture is quite smooth.

Fourth, PConline evaluation room summary

ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation as a notebook for young people, every design detail contains youthful elements. Diverse color matching is more in line with the aesthetic experience of young people. Narrow border screen, light body shape also enhances Asus Ling Yao S 2 generation Yan value. Intel's eighth-generation processor and full-blood version of the MX150 graphics card, so that the ASUS Ling Yao S 2 generation can efficiently handle daily tasks, but also can run some mainstream games. From product design to experience , ASUS Lingyao S 2 generations are more oriented to the consumption of young groups.