Wisdom for the future | TCL brings a lot of new products to IFA2018

On August 31st, the 2018 IFA exhibition kicked off in Berlin, Germany. The IFA exhibition is the largest home appliance exhibition in Europe, attracting many heavyweight manufacturers to participate. The theme of this exhibition 'Smart home , making human homes smarter, interconnected' It is not difficult to see that smart home appliances will be the protagonist of this IFA show. The IFA is equipped with a variety of technology products, the evolution and upgrading of technology and form, more like a perspective on people's future life.

As a representative of the successful home appliances to the sea, TCL With the theme of 'Intellectual Future Life', with technology leadership and intelligent breakthroughs, there are colorful highlights. Showcased the strength of innovation in the entire product line.

among them, TCL integrated variable frequency air-cooling technology has created a more optimized and more scientific air supply system. With a first-class refrigeration system, the five black technologies have created a new fresh-keeping cabin. The patented design of the smart wind has changed the traditional air supply structure. Quickly adjust the internal temperature of the refrigerator, relying on the integrated frequency conversion air-cooling technology to create a TCL integrated variable frequency air-cooled refrigerator, with significant four advantages: fast cooling, small temperature difference, ultra-energy saving, low noise.

At the same time, TCL integrated variable frequency air cooling technology provides a new solution for food storage, which can quickly lock the original flavor of the ingredients, ensure the original flavor of the ingredients, and truly achieve the quick cold lock, providing users with better products. Fresh solutions bring a smart, healthy quality of life.

The TCL four-door refrigerator with embedded Internet TP screen also attracts visitors to stop. This refrigerator can interact with the telematics device, query the food information in the refrigerator and set up the shopping list to remind users to buy food; and allow users to Programming, intelligent management of different foods, such as understanding the amount of food in the refrigerator, food preservation period, automatically reminding the food shelf life time and so on.

In addition, it can also interact with the web service platform for content, download instructions for use and upload maintenance and operation information. After the abnormal alarm of the refrigerator, the Internet provides solutions to the user based on the fault information.

At IFA, the TCL washing machine also uses the latest VR experience technology, allowing the audience to experience the dirt-free and overall care process through the three-dimensional experience. For the user to create a comprehensive care from clean laundry, health care, comfortable wear to dignified travel.

In addition to ice-washing products, TCL air-conditioning will also be diversified, and a variety of new products will be brought to the IFA exhibition. This exhibition includes the intelligent flagship product of the 'T Rui' series, and the intelligence represented by 'e涟' 'i涟' Star products, as well as smart popular products such as 'Zhiduobao', have been widely recognized by on-site consumers.

As the quality of Chinese-made products has been more and more highly evaluated, the influence of China's own brands has gradually increased. Nowadays, TCL is leading the craftsman spirit of big country brands to further enter the living room of consumers around the world. Get more recognition.