Give high-end enjoyment of teeth | GRUNDIG electric toothbrush IFA first look

As a German old appliance manufacturer, GRUNDIG will naturally not miss the IFA2018 at the doorstep (Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show The exhibition, which opened today (August 31) IFA exhibition GRUNDIG (Grunde) has brought a variety of products to its debut. Whether it is white electricity, kitchen appliances or domestic electrical appliances, it is full of texture, and it reflects its high-end and quality brand positioning.

Improving the quality of life is critical to Grundig's product development, innovative technology With the same German industrial design, a series of cutting-edge technology and convenient programs will bring consumers unprecedented comfort.

It is said that laziness is the driving force for human progress. Presented this time Grundig Gento Electric Toothbrush will be convenient, portable features to the extreme, only need a small charging socket to meet its charging needs. At the same time, a variety of vibration functions can be switched freely, not only can clean the seams in the teeth , can still go In addition to plaque, to ensure the health of the gums, bring high-end enjoyment to the teeth.

If you want to know more about IFA2018, please pay attention. China National Grid Special reports brought to you in Berlin, Germany.