IFA2018: Siemens refrigerators showcase the future of technology

On August 31, 2018, Beijing time, IFA 2018, the Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin, will officially open. As the 'big show' in the consumer electronics field in the second half of the year, all relevant manufacturers will exhibit at the exhibition in the second half of the year. Promotion of new products.

As a global integrated home appliance company, Siemens home appliances also appeared at IFA. The numerous products exhibited by Siemens Home Appliances, especially all kinds of refrigerator products, let the audience re-recognize the uniqueness of Siemens refrigerators. Let us go and have a look.

First of all, we can see that the overall appearance of the Siemens exhibition area is industrial-style design, but the color is single but full of feeling. The simple and clear color matching eye is not conscious.

This double shutter refrigerator, the panel material is bright, the handles are reasonable, easy to take the ingredients. Nothing fancy decoration, but focus on preservation and intelligent storage, more high-quality return to the refrigerator .

This transparent door wine cabinet, but from the appearance, you can see the advantages of capacity, 8-layer design, free to store a variety of alcohol.

In addition, the lighting of the on-site Siemens refrigerator has also earned enough attention. The line of light containing the sense of technology shines on the exhibits, and the futuristic is full, just like being in space.

Of course, as the most concerned about the preservation and capacity of consumers when buying refrigerators, the Siemens refrigerator also gave a satisfactory answer.

The refrigerating room has a large space and is reasonably divided. Meat and fruits and vegetables have their own independent partitions to ensure that the ingredients are not scented. The lower freezer compartment is also accurately and meticulously partitioned for more independent use.

Of course, it is not difficult to see that the breakthrough in technology and appearance of Siemens refrigerators is obvious. It is more in line with the contemporary family kitchen structure to meet consumer demand.

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