Reading: Good printing solution is not that expensive! Ricoh | 'Yue Xiangyin' | Tailored for the company! Good printing solution is not so expensive! Ricoh | 'Yue Xiangyin' | Tailored for the comp

On August 30, 2018, Ricoh 'local creativity' with the theme of 'Yue enjoys the extraordinary of India and India' was held in the North Fifth Ring Space of the Water Cube, bringing the first Ricoh to China's business users. ) Locally developed smart office printing solution - Yue Xiang Yin RiTrac.

Local development power, create a good Chinese printing program

YueTai Yin RiTrac Intelligent Office Printing Solution is a new system based on Ricoh (China) local team. It is a server-based stepped intelligent office printing solution. It is China from functions, architecture, pricing and so on. Tailored by users, and integrated with certification management, security printing, print statistics, quota statistics, status control, custom expansion of six systemic layout, relying on Ricoh's technology research and development center in China, based on its deep understanding of Chinese enterprises Understand, to solve the need to protect information security, improve work efficiency and cost control budget for enterprises; and the sewing stamp printing function that will be provided to users in the professional version is developed according to the workflow of many Chinese enterprises.

This time, RiTrac is a print management solution developed around SOP. In the future, we will further expand to scan management, document flow optimization, etc., and try more local development. For example: Yue Xiangyin will try to break through localized deployment. The way to develop on the cloud, linking WeChat and Alipay, thus more in line with the Chinese user habits.

Layout wisdom transformation

As the leading brand of smart digital office, Ricoh has been guiding and helping users to continuously explore advanced office concepts, from gradual upgrading of traditional document management to cloud application sharing in the Internet of Things era. Ricoh is actively deploying the wisdom of users in the field of office. The road to transformation. We strive to promote the transformation of the wisdom of Chinese users through four dimensions: strategic forward-looking, product creativity, business integration and R&D localization.

In 2017, Ricoh launched a strategically forward-looking SOP smart application platform to redefine the intelligent OA application in the mobile Internet era. In the first half of 2018, we launched the RiMall Smart App Store based on the SOP platform and continued to lead users to upgrade their smart office. Today Ricoh launched the RiTrac smart printing management solution developed entirely by the local government. It reinvents safe and efficient office processes for the working characteristics and usage habits of Chinese users, and further meets the system docking of special user environments, providing targeted customized services and guiding. Users realize office upgrades and process optimization. From hardware to software to integrated solutions, step by step, the Ricoh digital transformation and strong creativity are demonstrated. With new commanding heights, we will use wisdom to lead the future!

Providing customized services to help Chinese companies

Ricoh has strong solution development capabilities and rich market application experience in the world. It has been favored by high-end users in the world, especially in Europe and America for many years. These mature solutions have also been introduced to China, serving many of the world's top 500 foreign users in China. Ricoh pays more attention to the Chinese local enterprise users who occupy the market, and deeply understands the independence of the Chinese market and users and the uniqueness of their working methods. With Ricoh's R&D center in China, we can quickly connect with Ricoh local suppliers and agents. Business division and cooperation, from the product development cost and cycle will be more adapted to the functional needs of local enterprises, the same price system to meet the cost of the enterprise work group. In addition, for customer special requirements and functional customization, we are local in China The development team can connect more quickly, continuously upgrade and improve the version of the product, and truly meet the individual needs of different users quickly and efficiently.

2018 is an important milestone for Ricoh. Empowering Digital Workplaces is a global brand value concept that leads Ricoh (China) to make a series of changes, and is committed to being a smart working partner around you. Through product upgrades, it brings the most transformative and innovative to consumers. Product experience, continue to provide comprehensive smart office and solutions for Chinese companies.