With Bosch Refrigerator | '玩转' IFA2018

From August 31st to September 5th, 2018, the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show, one of the world's three largest consumer electronics exhibitions, officially opened. As the world's largest and most influential consumer electronics and home appliance fair, IFA will be held every year. It attracts exhibitors and electronic products fans from all over the world, and provides platforms and opportunities for global home appliance manufacturers and traders to showcase new products. It is also a gathering and display of new consumer electronics manufacturers and traders from all over the world. Products, the grand event of new technology.

As a global comprehensive home appliance company, Bosch Home Appliances also appeared at IFA. The many boutiques exhibited by Bosch Home Appliances made the audience stunned, especially the various refrigerator products, which made the audience re-recognize the inside and outside of the refrigerator without any dead ends. Let's take a look at it.

First came to the Bosch appliance refrigerator exhibition area, we were attracted by the fashionable appearance of Bosch refrigerator. Whether it is the fashionable industrial style, or the colorful and unique color, the surprise brought by Bosch refrigerator has never changed.

Of course, from this exhibition, we can easily see that the change in appearance of the refrigerator industry is more and more in line with the aesthetic needs of young people.

In addition, the innovation and breakthrough of Dr. refrigerator in technology is also worthy of attention. From the perspective of the release of new products, under the premise of ensuring fresh preservation of ingredients, the refrigerator with thin body, partition management of food, and storage space will become Trend. After all, in the current society, small-sized houses are more popular with the public.

In fact, it is not difficult to see from the exhibition of Bosch refrigerators that after 80, 90, it has gradually become the main force of consumption. Nowadays, home appliance brands are becoming more youthful, both in terms of technological innovation and appearance. Demand, touch the big screen design also shows the Internet intelligence.

For more information about Bosch Home Appliances at IFA, please pay attention to the follow-up reports from China National Grid.