Every time I see it, I will think of the sun after the rain, we chat in the dormitory downstairs scene-really good. Reading: See new sister's Computer | I know I have a chance to take off my list | S

University life should be a colorful, make friends, get rid of single, experience different life unique time. But as we grow up in the greenhouse, children who are not accustomed to the new environment, see the right person, and always minced, miss the opportunity to make love-how to naturally break the single ' curse '?

Actually very simple, remember to help them just fine!

Don't be shy and dare to say hi! Just to the university, my shy character let me eat all the pain, the first school year, we are talking to each other, and then become familiar with each other, the boys will become each other's ' Good buddies ', girls also often have the same bedroom with each other called ' sisters ' small groups-and then came to the winter, we all hold their girlfriends to each other

To each other in the winter of the last point of warmth, I can only hold my book, a person squatting in a corner of the dorm. So, as the coming spring came, I vowed to change my shy character and hope that the new year will make and meet different interesting people.

Soon, the second school year has come again-in order to ' lively exchanges between students ', the school is naturally organized to help the new activities, in the face of this situation, how can I easily escape, back to their own corner? But the brave to participate in the total to go through the pit of their own digging, unfortunately, to help the new activity has a large number of exchanges with people process, shy of me, soon nervous out of a sweat.

At that time there was a new girl, the character lively and lovely, like a dancing butterfly-unlike many freshmen, she packed up their luggage early, but also to help us publicize the community, after the conversation, I was not so nervous. Then she joined the Student Union department where I was.

Because of the nature of the department, it is often necessary to use the computer to exchange some of the report data, and occasionally a few people get together, open a black or something. She used to float around, sitting next to me, talking to me, for various reasons.

Once, she shy and I said, her own computer is the home of the trustee in the computer city bought, spent a good thousands of, is playing the game is always Kaka. ' Seniors, you help me to see this, why my computer play up Kaka?

' When she spoke, there was a flush of blush on her face, and it looked very beautiful.

Although the beating speed of the small heart has caught up with the speed of the rifle, but, in the attitude of solving the problem-' know people, the trustee bought, took a good thousands of ' I heard that, bad, afraid not to be a dishonest trader pit! So the sun after the rain, light yellow sunlight poured in the dormitory building on the wall of the afternoon, the courage of the I follow her words down said, ' Let me see your computer, recently I also want to change the computer!

' She also seems very happy, ' really ah, that seniors you help me to see Bai, computer card, I tangled for a long time!


Turn on the computer, sure enough configured to verify my idea--2gb memory, light that's enough to convict this computer for death. In fact, you can do this computer, it is necessary to upgrade a bit.

' I said, mysteriously. Upgrade? She indefinitely asked, glitter Glitter's eyes filled with curiosity, ' what does that mean Ah, seniors, tell me about Bai!

' ' Well, it's actually like this!

' realized that the opportunity came to me, so began and learn the sister East a sentence to the west to chat up the computer knowledge (how possible). ' And, you need a proud memory.

' ' What is that, seniors? '


What is pride? In fact, intel® itanium® memory is a complete system acceleration solution that delivers higher performance and responsiveness without compromising storage capacity through the 3D Xpoint-based intel® itanium® technology and Intel Rapid storage technology drivers-Simply put, the proud memory is based on the 3D

Xpoint™ technology creates a cache device that can speed up your hard drive. You can think of pride as a m.2 NVMe ssd--that needs to be paired with a mechanical hard drive/as a cache. So it's more like a flash drive, and it might be more appropriate to call it proud flash.

In addition, in terms of storage media and product morphology, the memory is significantly different from the traditional memory, and in the form of small-capacity m.2 SSD in a similar likeness.

The use of pride can experience faster boot speed, faster soft start, faster game loading and a series of speed improvements, in short, is to let HDD users get a solid-state drive-like experience-this approach not only satisfies the user's hard disk capacity requirements, but also can greatly improve the reading speed.

In other words, the use of proud, is equivalent to the cost of a piece of 1TB large capacity mechanical hard disk + AO Teng accelerator money (at most more than 500 dollars), but enjoy the 1TB SSD SSD (about 2500 yuan) experience, simply can not be more value.

Want to know the story later?

That afternoon my life unforgettable, although help the school sister spent a lot of time, but also so and she has more communication, gradually mature, also naturally together. Later, we together for her a new computer, the passage of time, the series is also continuing to launch new products today, they launched the new product with proud memory: HP Pavilion 15--It is equipped with a 2.3GHz i5-8300h as the processor, 8MB of the three cache in the process of processing data is stable and fast, like her character, and the proud memory and 1TB mechanical hard drive, I live in a lot of good memories,

Just like she lived in my heart at that time.