Technology makes life more temperature | Eagle bathroom smart toilet BS-71 Reviews

The advancement of technology drives the innovation of home life. The smart product is simple, convenient, and humanized design is loved by more and more people. It is slowly entering people's daily home life. Nowadays, smart toilet has become a must-have appliance for home. one.

Enjoy the comfort of the toilet experience from having a smart toilet, but what kind of smart toilet is the real smart toilet? What are the martial arts that are defeated by the enemy? Today, the evaluation center brings the intelligent bathroom toilet BS- The evaluation of 71 brings you a different toilet experience.

Simple design

Eagle bathroom BS-71 smart toilet body with minimalist white design, showing modern and stylish home style, with a variety of decorative styles of bathroom space are not violated, elegant and dynamic temperament. Surface smooth and delicate, natural lines Smooth, simple and generous.

The remote control is designed to be simple and compact, and can be operated with only one hand. The functions are clear and clear, and the operation is simple. The temperature of the seat can be easily adjusted by the remote control, the temperature of the washing water, the temperature of the drying air, the hot and cold massage, the soft light at night. Wait for the settings to clearly understand the current state of use.

The side of the toilet is designed with a row of buttons. The functions of the buttons are intuitive and clear. There are 'power/stop', 'smart hip wash', 'smart wash', 'key flush', easy to operate, especially for the elderly and children with limited mobility.

Slow down mute cover

The cover and the seat can be easily opened and closed, which is a must for a smart toilet with excellent performance. The Eagle Bathroom BS-71 has anti-collision silicone on the cover and the seat to reduce collision friction and extend It has a long service life, and it can also be used for mute, anti-slip effect, and you don't have to worry about disturbing your family at night.

Soft light at night

The toilet has a built-in night light. If you want to go to the toilet at night, you can turn on the toilet light through the remote control. The light is gentle and not glaring, even if you don't turn on the lights at night.

Nano antibacterial seat

Many times we are not willing to use the toilet, that is, we are worried that the toilet seat is unsanitary and resists the intimate contact between the toilet and the buttocks. The seat of the Eagle Bathroom BS-71 toilet uses advanced nano materials to effectively prevent bacteria, antibacterial and antibacterial. Keep clean and healthy.

Spray bar antibacterial

Adding Ag+ nano silver coating to the spray bar, it is effective antibacterial and self-cleaning. The surface is seamlessly designed, does not accumulate dirt, long-lasting antibacterial, brings more intimate, clean and healthy care. It will automatically spray small stream before and after each use, The spout is cleaned twice, and every time it is clean and safe.

Seat temperature adjustment

Eagle bathroom BS-71 smart toilet seat temperature in addition to normal temperature, there are three temperature can be adjusted, the temperature is between 28 ° C -40 ° C, you can choose the right temperature according to climate change and personal habits. Especially in winter, if normal temperature Sit down, it’s really cold and cool. If there is a toilet like the Eagle bathroom that can adjust the temperature of the seat, it’s really very happy.

Power outage

Many people are worried about buying a smart toilet. What if there is a power outage? In fact, don't be afraid. The toilet of Yingying Sanitary has a power-off flush function. After we turn off the switch of the smart toilet, we find that even if the power is cut off, we can still go to the toilet. Flush, free yourself!

Automatic flushing

Eagle bathroom BS-71 smart toilet has an intelligent sensing area, which can automatically clean the boom after the toilet is finished. It automatically flushes water. We put our hands on the seat to simulate the toilet seat when the toilet is sitting on the toilet. When the boom starts to clean automatically, it is automatically flushed. If you forget to press the flush one day, you don't feel embarrassed because it can automatically flush you for you.

Dry and flush, refreshing and tasteless

A smart toilet, if it can only meet the basic flushing needs, it is still lacking. Eagle bathroom BS-71 intimately designed the dry flushing function, the dry flushing is first flushed and then washed, dried In order to ensure that the cleaning process is carried out in a clean and hygienic toilet, instead of cleaning first, drying and then flushing, leaving you away from the stinky warm air, there is a refreshing and refreshing toilet experience.

Smart cleaning experience

Eagle bathroom BS-71 smart toilet abandoned the design of the hot water tank to prevent the growth of bacteria, the live water can be heated immediately, the water temperature is constant, and it is more comfortable to use. The cleaning sprayer has hip cleaning, female cleaning two modes, before flushing The spray bar can be automatically cleaned to ensure the safety and hygiene of the cleaning process. The boom is telescopically moved, the flushing area is enlarged, and the water flow is covered to the place where cleaning is required.

The buttocks are cleaned with three outlets, and the water is powerful. The frequency conversion is hot and constant temperature flushing. In addition to the normal temperature, there are three levels of cleaning water output that can be adjusted to bring a comfortable experience.

The women's wash function is specially designed for women. There are five outlets, so the water outlet is softer than the buttocks. It helps women to take care of their private parts and care for women's soft skin.

Hot and cold massage cleaning

After setting the hot and cold massage function, the BS-71's spray bar can automatically move back and forth to clean the butt. It can not only expand the cleaning range, but also the water temperature can be switched between hot and cold, and the cleaning is more clean and thorough.

Water temperature regulation test

When cleaning, BS-71 intelligent toilet water temperature can be instantaneously heated to clean the butt. The water temperature can be selected in four temperature ranges, the temperature is between 30 °C and 40 °C, in addition to avoiding the stimulation caused by the cold water temperature in winter, humanity The water temperature adjustment function allows us to adjust the temperature freely according to personal washing, temperature and other factors.

Warm air drying function

After washing the butt, you can use the smart toilet of the eagle bathroom to dry. The warm air temperature during drying is about 35°C-55°C. There are four gears available.

The wind speed of the warm air drying is about 4m/s, and the measured wind speed of the small series is 4.12m/s. Even if there is no paper on the toilet suddenly, you don't have to worry anymore. From cleaning to drying, you can get it quickly.

Flush performance test

A toilet, the most important thing is of course its flushing function. In case of flushing problems, the troublesome toilet blockage will make the next day become very torturous. Then this eagle bathroom BS-71 toilet What is the cleaning effect? ​​Xiaobian put PVC pellets on the toilet, table tennis, soy sauce, etc. for the flushing test of the eagle bathroom BS-71.

Solid waste cleaning effect

Pour 200 PP balls into the toilet, activate the toilet flush function, and record the number of balls that have not been flushed out of the drain. As you can see from the figure, after a flush, the PP balls are all discharged, indicating that this is The intelligent toilet has a very good sewage effect.

Small particle suspension cleaning effect

The PVC granules were used for the flushing test. The small granules poured the PVC granules into the toilet for flushing. The PVC granules were quickly washed away, and the toilet was quickly drained and the sewage discharging capacity was strong.

Light excrement cleaning effect

Choose a light table tennis ball to test, simulate the dirt that is easy to float on the water when going to the toilet. These dirt are more difficult to handle than hard excrement. At this time, a good flushing system is very important. I saw that 15 table tennis balls together were drained once.

Viscous excrement cleaning effect

The most difficult thing to discharge when flushing is the dirt stuck on the surface of the toilet. We used soy sauce to simulate the dirt sticking around the toilet. This smart toilet quickly sucked away the soy sauce attached to the barrel wall.

Have you ever experienced this? During the process of going to the toilet, you accidentally found out: what?! The toilet is out of paper... or when you wake up in the winter, when you are half-sleeping and half-awake, sit on the toilet, ice is cold. The toilet seat is instantly refreshing. These experiences are as painful as the night when the ex-girlfriend was paralyzed.

In the past, it was courage to go to the toilet in the winter. The cold seat could not help but escape. Now, the Eagle bathroom BS-71 smart toilet has increased the buttocks cleaning, intelligent washing, warm air drying on the basis of the traditional toilet. Dry and other functions, dry and flush, automatic cleaning one-button operation, intelligent design to make the toilet experience better, use strength to make life more temperature.