More than lead a healthy laundry style! Galanz mini washing machine for children's puzzle call

On August 19th, the children's manual PK contest finals named by Galanz mini washing machine was held in Guangzhou. This unique event attracted nearly 1,000 children over the age of 5 in the Pearl River Delta region.

In recent years, as parents pay more and more attention to the children's all-round development, the handcrafting of fun and puzzle is more and more popular among parents. In this competition, the children participating in the competition are made by making hand-made works that match the theme. Participate in the creation of art with both hands, fully feel the fun and charm of the craft. At the same time, it also provides an excellent opportunity for the children and parents to communicate personally.

The person in charge of the Galanz brand said that this event is very compatible with Galanz's innovative concept, which inspires children's creativity and enhances parent-child relationship.

According to reports, Galanz sponsored this competition in order to cultivate more children's hands-on ability and innovative ability, let the children learn to appreciate, learn to create, experience the joy of the hands of wisdom labor, and at the same time drive many handmade lovers to promote children's manual Industry innovation and development. It is reported that the handicrafts of this event will be donated to the left-behind children in the mountain, let the children participate in the public welfare from childhood.

All along, 'National Appliances' Galanz is advocating that household appliances become family members, so that people can feel more family warmth and fun in the process of using electrical appliances.

At the contest site, the children have created creative handicrafts, among which the creative washing machine stickers DIY are displayed on Galanz's innovative MINI washing machine, attracting a large number of citizens to watch. The competition set the best popularity. Awards and most creative awards, Galanz MINI maternal washing machine and retro refrigerator and other independent innovative home appliances as a grand prize.

Galanz mini washing machine

In recent years, Galanz has continuously integrated the concept of healthy and environmentally friendly products into the research and development of quality home appliances. The 3 kg mini washing machine that supports this competition is positioned as 'Kid's Professional Laundry Babysitter', which has silver ion sterilization on healthy washing, 95°C High-level washing and other leading safety care technology. This mini-washing machine that meets the needs of mother and baby, children's clothing, and quality consumption also has a very fashionable fashion design, which is also popular among many hot moms.