Stick to the beginning of the heart | TCL washing machine differentiation and health upgrade drive to grow again

The famous British writer Charles Dickens once said: 'This is the best era, and it is also the worst era. 'In the era of deep change, China's washing machine industry is experiencing hope and dilemma, opportunities and challenges coexist There are opportunities for consumption upgrades to renew the wave of renewal, and later brand competition is intensifying the pursuit of life and death. The relatively mature Chinese washing machine industry is testing the ability and endurance of each brand. TCL washing machine is involved, growing stronger.

According to Zhongyikang & Industry Online data, TCL washing machine achieved 1 million H1 sales in 2018, with revenue increasing by 16% year-on-year. For the first time, over one million units, ranking sixth in China. Obviously, TCL washing machine is compared with 'six' this year. More solid and more valuable in previous years: Compared with 2016-2018, the proportion of TCL washing machine drum increased from 15.2% to 26.8%, the proportion of large capacity (above 8KG) increased from 18.4% to 42%, and the brand index increased from 58. To 70, the gap with the industry's third place has been reduced from 500,000 units to 300,000 units.

Two-wheel drive

TCL washing machine has been steadily stabilizing in the past two years and has begun to cope with the domestic washing machine market, and has shown rapid growth. Many people care, China's washing machine market is turbulent, how to continue to maintain high growth and achieve new growth points Wang Xianju, general manager of TCL White Appliances Division, said in an interview: There are two main points: one is to take the differentiated route, and the other is to grasp the consumer pain point of consumption upgrading, that is, the pursuit of health and the pursuit of quality of life.

First of all, from the perspective of differentiated routes, after three or four years of hard work, the TCL washing machine team is committed to consumer health pain points and finally launched a pollution-free washing machine in 2016 to create a pollution-free washing machine category. Compare the so-called health categories displayed in the market. The other essential difference between the other washing machine products and the TCL pollution-free washing machine is that the latter completely blocks the pollution source by means of physical isolation, solving the century-old problem of healthy laundry 'treatment of the symptoms.'

Among them, TCL pollution-free pulsator washing machine adopts innovative full-sealed barrel structure. When the laundry is completely isolated between the inner and outer barrels, there is no water exchange problem at all, and there is no longer 'secondary pollution'. TCL free pollution type listed in 2017 The barrel washing machine has more innovative 1+N washing combination functions. When you need to put different washing requirements into different barrels, you can avoid cross-contamination; TCL pollution-free drum washing machine has 100% free Stain, 90° high temperature sterilization method, plus T-DI intelligent and accurate automatic placement system, automatic disinfection solution, etc., to prevent laundry dirt and dirt.

The product is not enough for pollution-free, the pollution-free is the basic needs of TCL washing machine. On the basis of healthy laundry, TCL washing machine also pays attention to clothing care, high-end care, through the mute, touch screen and other user experience improvements can be achieved. XCL Zhe, product director of the washing machine product center of TCL White Appliances Division, revealed that the health that everyone is seeing is currently available. TCL has more innovative products under development, but the technology must be kept secret, and some products will be presented next year.

Not only that, but as a supplement to differentiation, TCL will also introduce small washing machines and other more innovative small products in the future to cater to the TCL brand's youthful positioning and represent its entire innovative products.

Secondly, from the point of view of the health pain point under the wave of consumption upgrade, the current consumption trend of China's home appliance market has entered the deep water area. The consumer pain point in this context is mainly aimed at the pursuit of health and the pursuit of quality of life. TCL washing machine enters the user Through 5,000 questionnaires, 200 interviews, and 158 questions, including 'the barrel is too dirty', 'Is the procedure not adjusted, why should I adjust it, 'noise', 'wash the coat again Washing underwear feels unsanitary'... I really feel the pain of consumers' health under the upgrade of consumption.

TCL washing machine has been insisting on innovation for healthy life for many years. The product is the best interpretation of the corporate philosophy. The pursuit of consumer health is ultimately based on the landing of high-quality products. TCL washing machine has introduced an internationally patented pollution-free washing machine. It physically isolates the secondary pollution of laundry during the laundry process, and solves the cross-contamination problem through 1+N washing combinations, providing consumers with high-quality health solutions.

In the details of health pain treatment, TCL washing machine is more nuanced. Taking active sterilization as an example, the washing machine in the market is mainly responsible for healthy sterilization, but the sterilization is not more thorough. TCL drum washing machine is equipped with special disinfectant release window. Active sterilization is carried out by automatically disposing the disinfectant. In other words, the professional chemical cleaner is used for sterilization, and the one-time automatic addition is completed, which can satisfy the consumers' complete health pain points.

TCL washing machine insists on making friends with users and taking users as relatives. Only in this way can we fully understand their needs, gain insight into their pain points, and then inject these pain points into TCL washing machine products through research and development of innovative technology. For TCL For the washing machine, health is not a concept, but to do the product to solve the user's needs. This is what the TCL washing machine has been doing, and it is also the key for consumers to recognize the TCL washing machine.

Stick to the beginning of the heart

Since 2014, TCL Group has spent 7 billion yuan to establish TCL Home Appliances (Hefei) Industrial Park. Together with the German designaffairs R&D and design team, the TCL washing machine will focus more on the intelligent, efficient, energy-saving and healthy ice-washing industry and research base. Users live a healthy life, and based on user needs, create product technology design innovation, bring quality and infinite touch to family life. What is the initial intention of TCL washing machine? Not only to solve the problem of washing washing machine for users, but more importantly It is healthy, creating a healthy and quality lifestyle.

Adhering to the pragmatic and innovative concept, TCL washing machine is constantly innovating for a healthy life, transforming health from a fuzzy abstract concept into a subversive and innovative product, escorting the healthy life of users. From the pollution-free washing machine, to the free The dirty drum washing machine, and the bucket washing machine in the pollution-free bucket, the TCL washing machine completely solved the secondary pollution of the laundry and the cross-contamination between the clothes and the clothes, became the founder of the free sewage system solution, the standard of the pollution-free washing machine The maker of the first special certification of the China Light Industry Federation, practicing the big country brand with the corporate spirit of dare to dare to persist!

In 2018, TCL washing machine upgraded 'free pollution' to a 'free pollution +' strategy. In 2018, China's offline channel business took the lead in achieving full product line pollution free, and pushed the pollution-free shared washing machine into the campus. Care for the health of students, and stop the research and development investment of non-stainless washing machine products within this year; stop production of non-soil-free washing machines by 2020, provide more users with the health care of pollution-free washing machines, and create 100% Free dirty health care and care.

Moreover, at the Global Strategic Partner Conference of the 2018 TCL Refrigerator Washing Machine held on August 8th, the TCL washing machine brought a clean, affordable, and easy-to-use washing machine around the 'No Pollution Plus' strategy. New products, providing users with a healthier life plan.

It is understood that TCL pollution-free products have been on the market for two years, and now they account for nearly 30%. This is hard to come by. The reason is that on the one hand, TCL products account for a large proportion of sales, but the pollution-free products are not targeted at online. Specialized product planning, so performance is insufficient; on the other hand, the current concept of health is rampant, enterprises want consumers to recognize a new program, this is a very difficult process. TCL washing machine has been practiced for two years, by disassembling users, Renewal and other activities, as well as the cooperation with the Institute of Home Appliances to promote the standards of pollution-free washing machines, continue to let consumers know about the pollution-free washing machine.

TCL washing machine allows users to recognize, believe that the high quality experience brought by pollution-free technology requires a long transition, not a one-off. From scratch, TCL pollution-free washing machine is currently worth 30% of the proportion. Xing Zhezhen admits: TCL will continue to deepen the needs of users' health washing, and continue to innovate on the technology of 'free pollution'. TCL will continue to live for the healthy life of users.

Since 1998, TCL washing machine has been innovating and breaking through for 20 years. It has never stopped. The next 20 years will be a brand new starting point. TCL washing machine will continue to be ingenuity and enthusiasm. As Wang Xianju said: 'Since the concept of health has been chosen and it is to be innovative for a healthy life, then we must persevere, and through continuous ingenuity, we will continue to achieve the ultimate in detail and meet the needs of users. This way users can choose our products!'

The new journey, starting from the heart, believes that TCL washing machine will continue to deepen the differentiated route and health upgrade trend on the basis of sticking to the initial heart, and open up a road of its own in this era of good and bad.