Use good water for the delicious points, I choose to enjoy the Youle water purifier

My friends said that the food I made was delicious. Even my rice was better than the average. I asked what was wrong with me. I said, the water quality of my house is good! The same rice is the same rice cooker, because it is used well. The relationship between water, the cooked rice is sweet and sweet; especially the soup that comes out, you may feel very exaggerated, the water can affect the taste? Yes! The tap water itself has a lot of impurities, even if it is heated, there is no way to guarantee the water quality. Purity, let alone taste.

So where is my family's good food and good food? Don't sell it, announce my family's secret weapon, I use the enjoyable water purifier. I used to want to buy a water purifier, but the products on the market. A lot, but the price range is very different, it really makes me a headache for people who choose difficult diseases. Fortunately, once I saw the product of the Pacific Home Network, there is a water purifier that enjoys the music, holding the attitude of trying. I applied, I didn't expect to be really successful, that happy~ The next day is waiting, thanks to Pacific Home Network for giving me this opportunity.

When I was still asleep on Sunday, I heard the knocking of the door, my enjoyment of the water purifier arrived! Hurry to prepare for unpacking, the accessories are fully packaged and reliable.

The carton also uses the installation guide intimately. The picture is simple and easy to understand. I installed the machine three times and five.

The three filter cartridges in the box, the first two are PP cotton composite filter, composite activated carbon filter, these two materials can well block the separation of harmful substances in the tap water, especially reassuring. And the third filter is Chinese maifan stone filter, our living water depends on him, Chinese maifan stone contains a lot of trace elements needed by the human body, adding a little vitality to our body!

There is also a manual for use with matte paper. This kind of material packaging makes me love it, and feels the beauty of the brand.

The water purifier debuted, and it was wrapped in a safe outer membrane. I didn't wait to open it. I couldn't help but give it a picture. It was a backlight or a smooth light. A friend on the side said it was like a small bag, fat. Fat, so cute~ Indeed, this water purifier subverts my view of the rigid design of the previous water purification machine, I can't bear to hide it in the cabinet, I want to put it directly in my kitchen. .

Undressing for you to see! The mirrory feel of white light, rounded shape, grey logo, high profile but not intimate.

There is also a separate tap inside the accessory. There are three adhesives underneath it. I really like this intimate design, because I can put the faucet in a convenient place at any time, very flexible and user-friendly.

Enjoy the excellent music is to have a home installation service, because I am looking forward to using it. Too exact, I hope I can immediately eat a bowl of sweet rice and drink a bowl of delicious soup. I ordered my male compatriots to install it for me. Installation is also very simple, like Lego bricks, put the three filter cartridges into the white fat water purifier in the direction of twisting.

The installation process of connecting the faucet is not introduced one by one, because it is still very simple to install. You see, I put it directly on the countertop, because it is really good in design, it is simply the ornament of the kitchen. .

I am free to place the faucet on the right side of the sink, because the fruit basket is here, it is convenient for me to wash the vegetables and wash the fruit. If it is normal, I will put the faucet next to the tap, which is more flexible.

There are two kinds of water quality to choose from, but I usually use live water after all.

The water quality is very clear. I wash the vegetables and wash the fruits. I basically use the water purification system to wash them.

Let's take a look at the food I made with the Youle Water Purifier, because the effect of the water purifier is definitely the taste of the food and the peace of mind.

So let's talk about the taste of water quality itself.

The good water is sweet. I used to listen to the advertisements, but this time I really felt the sweetness of the tap water after filtration. The entrance is slippery, and the throat is sweet.

After the installation, I immediately made rice, the same rice, the same rice cooker, just using the living water filtered from the enjoyment of the music, the rice came out more sweet, which reminds me of a sentence, really good Rice, itself is a bowl of good food. Yes, good rice, what kind of food is there, it’s delicious to eat rice! I used to only pay attention to rice and rice cooker. Now I found out that the choice of water. It is also indispensable~

I used the live water to simmer the soup. When the soup was still not good, I smelled the strong scent. It was stronger than the scald flavor I used to cook. The hot sizzling taste is brighter than the ordinary boiled color. The taste is also sweeter, and the good water adds a lot to my dishes.

I also used a live water to enjoy the pot of pigs. The pigs were stewed faster and softer. Even the peanuts inside were swept away, and the sauce bibimbap was first class!

Too much food, too much delicious, and too many memories. I want to say, thank you for enjoying the music, let me find the wonderful source of food, good water, not only safe and healthy, but more importantly, release Out of the delicious food. Enjoy the Youle water purifier you deserve.