A good companion for tea-drinkers

I like to drink tea, especially black tea, fresh and mellow, sweet and refreshing. As a middle-aged, but still struggling in the Internet company's executives, to the age of starting to like health, a healthy lifestyle is my pursuit Because I like to drink tea, I have high requirements for water quality. I used to have a water purifier in my home. It has been used for two years, but the water purification effect is not ideal. I have been looking for new replacements. Thank you very much for Pacific Home. The network gives me this trial opportunity, so that I can experience the enjoyment of the water purification device.


Open the box of the host, there are graphic installation instructions on the box, easy to understand, for the little friends who do not like to read the instructions, it is very intimate.

The water purifier is an oval vertical machine with pure white color. The front of the machine is decorated with a logo of enjoyable music. The round shape, in addition to water purification, has become a good ornament in my kitchen.

The chain connection of the water pipe and the line is on the back, and the filter can be installed after the back cover is opened.

Product installation:

1. Filter installation

The back cover can be slid open. Before opening, it should be noted that the back cover lock should be opened. The back cover lock can prevent the door from being mishandled when we carry the machine. It is very considerate. The three protective covers of the filter element are opened. You can install the above digital prompts to install the filter.

The No. 1 filter element is a PP cotton composite filter element, which mainly filters the water quality. In addition to filtering suspended substances in the water, silt rust, etc., it can also remove heavy metal arsenic. The large No. 2 filter element is a composite activated carbon filter, mainly for filtering the virus in water. Microorganisms such as bacteria can also filter pesticide antibiotics, adsorb heavy metal mercury, selenium, cadmium, remove residual chlorine in tap water, and improve the taste of water.

The No. 3 filter is the Chinese maifan stone filter that is unique to us. The Chinese maifan stone is rich in various trace elements necessary for the human body. After the purified water passes through the No. 3 filter, it is our living water.

The water purifier does not need to use the power supply. The battery installation is used for the display. The cover is installed on the back cover to complete the filter installation. The whole process can be completed within ten minutes, which is easy to operate.

2. Waterway installation:

After the filter element is installed, the key point is to connect our machine to our waterway. The machine is directly connected to the faucet without the need to modify the waterway.

The installation tool carefully prepared the tool for turning the faucet for us. The water connection needs to unscrew the bubbler of the original faucet. According to the model of the faucet, the adapter of the accessory is selected, and then the water purifier interface is connected to complete the installation. Five models are available to suit the installation needs of most homes. Even if you change the faucet, you can easily pair and perfect.

According to the instructions, the first time you need to put water for five minutes, this is to drive out the air of the filter element first, without affecting the subsequent water flow. Until the water becomes clear, you can start using the water purifier officially.

The front of the machine will show the condition of the filter element. The color change of the light indicates the different condition of the filter element. White indicates new, orange indicates that 80% has been used. Red indicates that you need to replace the filter element. The life of the filter element is closely related to the water quality of your home. Areas with poor water quality will shorten the service life of the filter. Unlike other brands, the enjoyable water purifier can remind the user to replace the filter with light warnings. Unlike other brands, it is only about time. To replace, more precise.

product experience:

1. Tea making effect:

Good tea, in addition to good tea, tea water, is also vital. I used to buy mineral water to make tea, mineral water contains a variety of minerals, the water is sweet, suitable for making tea. Now With the enjoyable water purifier, you can use live water at home. The live water is rich in minerals needed by the human body, and the taste of the tea will be better.

(Left: tap water, right: enjoy the excellent live water)

I used a regular tap water and a live water to enjoy a cup of black tea. From the tea soup, you can see that the tea that runs out of the enjoyable water is clearer. In terms of tea, it is also more clear and enjoyable. It is more durable. The taste is even better than tap water. The tea is mellow and the tip of the tongue is slightly sweet. A cup of tea slowly licks from the nose to the throat. It is more fragrant than the one I used to brew with mineral water. .

2. Coffee experience

Coffee is also a must-have for Internet workers. I brewed a cup of coffee with tap water and live water.

(Left: tap water, right: enjoy the excellent live water)

As you can see from the above picture. The white coffee is floating on the tapped coffee, and the coffee brewed by Youle Water is evenly colored without any floating impurities. The aroma is more intense than the coffee brewed from tap water. The taste is also smoother than tap water. I used to think that coffee is just refreshing, but the enjoyable water really makes me feel the silky taste of this coffee. Unusual.

Trial summary:

Enjoy the water purifier before my home. It has a unique shape, easy installation, no need to use the power supply, and it is easy to understand. It can be easily used by both the elderly and the children. You can choose clean water or live water. Purified water is used for general cleaning of vegetables and fruits. Living water can be used for cooking tea and supplementing the minerals needed by the human body. It is a good helper for my healthy life~ I recommend it to you!