Air conditioning, direct blowing | Hisense air conditioning gives you a healthy and comfortable new experience

In the heat of the weather, people are inevitably greedy. After sweating, they always like to blow directly against the air conditioner. But there are also many people who are comfortable for three seconds. After staying in the air-conditioned environment for a long time, the stuffy nose, dizziness, and fatigue are coming.

According to experts, summer cold and sweaty after the cold, coupled with the frequent use of air conditioning, resulting in sudden changes in body surface temperature, it is particularly prone to a series of physical discomfort, such as stimulation of facial nerves, triggering neural tube function Obstacle (psychiatric department), it is easy to cause facial stiffness, numbness, sputum and other symptoms, that is, the clinical so-called 'face sputum'. Facial paralysis is also called facial nerve paralysis, which is mainly characterized by motor dysfunction of facial expression muscles. Common disease, frequently-occurring disease. It can occur at any age, mostly in young and middle-aged, males slightly more than females.

Do not think that blowing out facial paralysis is only an occasional case. In fact, there are many such cases. According to the statistics of Mianyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, from May to July, the Department of Neurology received 29 cases of facial paralysis patients, of which 80% said Caused by blowing air conditioning.

It is understood that the summer facial paralysis patients are mostly caused by cold and evil, the main reason is that the patient is too greedy, sleeping by opening windows or blowing air conditioning. In summer, air conditioning should not be directly blown, such as blowing a certain part for a long time, will Causes vasoconstriction, resulting in poor facial blood circulation, facial ischemia, hypoxia caused facial nerve palsy.

However, in summer, people can't leave the air conditioner. How can we comfortably blow air conditioners and stay healthy? As the leading brand in China's air-conditioning industry, Hisense Air Conditioning continues to develop and improve innovative technologies around user needs, and has launched a number of healthy and comfortable Hisenses. Male god X air conditioning.

On Hisense male god X air conditioner, Hisense air conditioner is specially equipped with the company's unique 360-degree cool-turning air supply function, and the directional precision air supply allows users to customize the air supply angle, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°. 360°, you can control the angle range by touching the ring and APP on the display screen. Wherever the wind is blowing, you can choose to let the user enjoy the coolness and comfort brought by the air conditioner.

On this basis, in response to people's health problems caused by direct air-conditioning, Hisense male god X air-conditioning special 'wind blow people' 'wind avoid people' two air supply mode, through the smart camera to capture the location of the human body, wind can According to the setting, the wind is changed by self-intelligence. It is like a pair of eyes of a person. It always senses the state of the human body, and makes the wind move with people, realizing intelligent comfort.

When you are elected as the 'wind blower' mode, Hisense male X air conditioner can directly face the user's air supply according to the position of the human body feedback from the camera. When multi-person status, sweep the wind; if you don't want the wind to blow, Hisense male X The air conditioner can also automatically avoid the user's air supply. Even if there are many people present in the room, it can be easily realized. From then on, say goodbye to the air-conditioning blow, help people stay away from rheumatism, face ailments and other 'air-conditioning diseases', bring intimate, healthy Intelligent human care.

For the intelligent technology of Hisense Men's X air conditioner, many users have expressed their appreciation and love. Ms. Liu, a user in Beijing, said bluntly, 'Before blowing air conditioners, they all blow off for a while, dare not blow straight into the air conditioner. It’s too long. And with this Hisense male X air conditioner, you don’t have to worry about it. Where does the person go to blow the wind, and can automatically avoid the crowd, how long does the air conditioner want to blow for a long time. There is also intelligent somatosensory control, simple and simple gesture Control air conditioning, both father and mother will use, especially to force. '

As the user said, Hisense male X air conditioner not only solves the pain point of traditional air conditioner direct blowing, but also carries intelligent somatosensory control, intelligent temperature and humidity dual control function, multi-dimensional to create a new experience of air conditioning comfort. At the same time, for air conditioning cleaning problems, Hisense Men's X Air Conditioning has also made a perfect solution. With the independent self-cleaning technology of indoor and outdoor machines, it is easy to self-clean the internal and external machines, so that the air blown out by the air conditioner is not only cool and comfortable, but also clean and fresh, and better care for the whole body and mind of the whole family. health.

In the hot summer, a comfortable comfort, avoid the air-conditioning direct blowing of Hisense male X air conditioning in hand, why worry about facial paralysis, 'air conditioning disease' and other diseases, Hisense male X air conditioning for you to create a cool, comfortable and fresh A new experience in air conditioning, helping you to turn over the summer.