Shandong 1 batch air conditioner 6 items failed | may cause electric shock

Although the autumn is over, the weather is still hot. At high temperatures, the big guys want to find a place with air conditioning, but recently, the Shandong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau investigated a number of air-conditioning products that could not be refrigerated in time.

Shandong Quality Supervision Bureau has carried out supervision and sampling inspection on the split wall-mounted air conditioners produced by some enterprises. It was found that the grid-type wall-mounted air conditioners produced by Shandong Kailing Electric Co., Ltd. contained six aspects of unqualified. Among them, the power cord fixing device of this air conditioner, due to the unreasonable setting, the holding power is not enough. According to the standard, the holding power should reach 100 cattle.

Chen Changshan, a senior engineer of the Shandong Metrology Institute, told the reporter that when the tension reached 20 cattle, the wire of the air conditioner began to move in the fixture, moving more than two millimeters. When the tension reached nearly 40 cattle, it was Pull out in the device.

Experts said that the holding power is not enough, the power cord is easy to slip off the device, and when the power cord slips, it will cause the power connector to fall off the connection position.

'It will touch the metal casing. All the metal casings in the household appliances are connected by grounding wires. When the grounding system of the household appliances is not very good, all the electrical appliances and casings in the house will be charged, which is especially harmful to the human body. . Chen Changshan, senior engineer of Shandong Metrology Institute, said.

At the same time, the test also found that the power cord connector of this air conditioner indoor unit has no insulation protection. Chen Changshan, senior engineer of Shandong Metrology Institute, believes that if the air conditioner is in the process of installation, when the outdoor unit and the indoor unit are not connected together, If the plug of the indoor unit is plugged into the power supply, it will be charged on the unprotected terminal connected to the outdoor unit. When the person touches it, it will receive an electric shock.

In addition to safety, this air conditioner is also unqualified in terms of cooling capacity, heat pump heat, heat pump heating power consumption, energy efficiency rating, etc., which will cause the air conditioner to fail to heat and cool normally.

'It's cooling capacity is 3,500 watts. But after actually experimenting, we measured only 2,000 watts. We installed this kind of air conditioner. After a period of cooling, the temperature in the room is still very high. ' Shandong Province Deng Linwei, an electrical energy efficiency testing engineer at the Metrology Institute, told reporters.

The energy efficiency rating is a major indicator reflecting the energy saving of air conditioners. At present, it is mainly divided into three levels, and the first level is the most energy-efficient.

Deng Linyi, an electrical energy efficiency testing engineer of Shandong Metrology Institute, said that this unqualified air conditioner is a three-level energy efficiency. Its energy efficiency ratio is 3.29. They have only 2.29 tested and the energy efficiency of air conditioners has reached three levels. Less than, it is a product that consumes more power and is not qualified.