HTC announced the official version of Android 9 Pie adapter: HTC U11 in the column

Google has announced the official version of Android 9 Pie, which is first launched for Google Pixel devices and Essential Phone phones. Although the mobile phone business has been very bleak, HTC has not yet emerged.

Recently, following the Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony and other manufacturers, HTC officially announced the adaptation and will soon push the Android 9 Pie official version of the updated model. It is understood that HTC this upgrade covers a total of four models, They are HTC U12+, HTCU11+, HTC U11 and HTC U11 life (Android One).

However, HTC has not yet announced the official launch of Android 9 Pie, saying that it will announce the push schedule at the appropriate time. Earlier, Google said that third-party manufacturers will push the official version of Android 9 Pie this fall.

Android 9 Pie brings a lot of intrinsic improvements. First of all, Android 9 will learn the habits of machine learning users, recommending experiences in various scenarios. Introducing dynamic power management, effectively allocating resources and making life longer. In terms of security, Android 9 uses a unified authentication dialog box, in addition to fingerprint recognition (including fingerprint recognition under the screen), also supports facial recognition and iris recognition. Also improved the performance of ART.