Dewei engine helps Jianghuai wide-weight light truck to shine

High horsepower, large load, has gradually become the requirement of efficient domestic logistics, which is manifested in the light truck market, that is, heavy-duty light trucks. In this market, the performance of heavy trucks has always been fierce, and the Jianghuai, which is known for its light trucks, is naturally not far behind. Recently, Jianghuai Kangling launched the Jianghuai Kangling H5 new wide body, which is mainly used for heavy-duty light truck transportation such as urban building materials, masonry, sand and gravel, hardware, grain and so on.

Designed for heavy-duty design

For heavy-duty transport users, the first thing to focus on is the vehicle chassis. This car is equipped with a YNF40E20 engine in the cloud, with a displacement of 3.92L, a maximum output of 156 horsepower, and a peak torque of 500N.m, which is achieved by SCR technology. China's five emission standards.

Matching is the Fast 8JS75C small 8 gear transmission, the first gear ratio is 7.43, the highest gear ratio is 0.75. Under heavy load, the conditions can be started more easily under the harsh conditions, and the gears are The level difference is relatively small, and the power connection is better.

With a 7.2-ton rear axle, the rear axle speed ratio is 4.875. Equipped with air brake, ABS.

The 150L aluminum alloy fuel tank is used, and the volume of the fuel tank is relatively large in the light truck. Basically, according to the transportation distance of the city, the single tank does not need to be refueled.

156 hp engine + 8 transmission gearbox + 7.2 ton rear axle, this configuration is suitable for heavy-duty transportation. In today's many heavy-duty light truck products are also in no way inferior, and the chassis is also equipped with hydraulic power Steering, clutching and assisting, can reduce driving intensity and improve comfort.

Family front face design, interior is more practical

The tires use 8.25R16-14PR vacuum radial tires, 8.25 tires have stronger bearing capacity.

The girders adopt Shanghai Baosteel high-strength manganese steel girders, adopting customized suspension system, and after 800,000 kilometers of various working conditions, the verification of the limit conditions ensures the reliability of the vehicle.

In addition to bearing capacity, the value of Yan has become one of the key points of many car friends when choosing a car. The Jianghuai Kangling H5 new body still adopts a family front face design, and the symmetrical design is very beautiful.

The split-type oscillating rear view mirror, considering the later loading of the cargo compartment, the entire outer swing width is relatively large, plus the complementary blind mirror and the ground mirror, which can reduce the visual blind zone, and the driver can better observe during the driving process. 4. The situation around the vehicle improves driving safety.

The wheelbase of the whole vehicle is 3600mm, and the size of the different tops is different. The outer dimensions of the car are: 5995×2400×2480 (mm), and the outer dimensions of the van are: 5995×2400×3300 (mm).

Modular headlights, standard daytime running lights, previously unable to adjust the headlights in the car, which makes many drivers feel inconvenient. This car has a headlight adjustment function in the cab, which allows the driver to rely on anytime and anywhere. Adjust your own habits.

The design of the cab interior is relatively simple, mainly dark, the weaving seat can be easily adjusted to the backrest angle and the seat position.

The four-way steering wheel is made of plastic. The shape of the instrument panel is very beautiful. The two sides are pointer-type instrument panels, and the middle part is the LED instrument panel. It is very convenient to view during driving.

There is a water cup holder between the main and the driver's seat, which is praised! But the size does not look very big. The design of the square is inconvenient when putting some water cups.

Overall, the car's 7.2-ton rear axle + 156 horsepower engine + 8 gear transmission, in terms of configuration is almost close to the level of a lot of CZ. In terms of price, it is understood that the offer from the distributors in Shaanxi is : Warehousing, the price of the single-row car is: 11.2 million, with the price of the sleeper is 127,000 yuan. The price of the flatbed is 105,600 yuan. I wonder if this price can you accept?

The chassis tailored for the heavy-duty market, coupled with the excellent design concept of Jianghuai Light Truck for many years, the competitiveness of this car can not be underestimated, if you feel good, you can go to the dealers around the place to learn more about this product. .