Jinko Energy won the Sullivan New Economy Award

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Based on the research and analysis of China's solar photovoltaic market in recent years, as well as the research and evaluation of related companies in the industry, recently, the world's leading growth consulting firm Frost & Sullivan awarded Jingke Energy Co., Ltd. Levine China New Economy Awards'.

The 2018 Sullivan China New Economy Award recognizes the company's outstanding performance and outstanding achievements in growth, innovation, leadership, customer service, investment and corporate strategy. Sullivan team through in-depth interviews, industry analysis, research, etc. Method, nominated a group of competitive and outstanding enterprises to the independent jury. In the end, Jinko Energy won this honor.

Jinke Energy Co., Ltd. was established in China in 2006 and is the world's leading solar photovoltaic enterprise. In 2017, Jinkoo's energy product shipments were close to 10 GW, an increase of 47.3% over the previous year, and the market share was close to 10.4%. The world's first.

Jinko Energy provides ground power, commercial and residential solar products to customers in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, and provides clean energy solutions and technical services. For seven consecutive quarters, Jingke's overseas exports rank first in the industry. Its operating income from overseas markets has exceeded 70% of the company's total revenue. Jingke has established overseas factories in various places around the world, and has developed long-term research and development cooperation with overseas, constantly improving the company's technology research and development, manufacturing. And the globalization of the supply chain system strategic layout.