* Users speak are not the position, the site is not recommended in the Comment column any shop, dealers, beware of being deceived! OPPO Find x Lamborghini version first pin sold out third party platfo

OPPO Find x Lamborghini version is undoubtedly the most recent mobile phone market users focus on a joint product, and this morning ushered in the official line of the first sales.

Users also use the actual action to express the high concern for this product, the first sales soon after the announcement of the sold out, so fast speed is really surprising. The speed of light sold on the online platform also allows many users to turn their eyes to a third party selling platform for high prices.

In Find x Lamborghini version of the day before the sale, there are users expressed willingness to increase the purchase of this product, the highest premium is reached 30000 yuan, compared to 9999 yuan for the sale price of twice times higher, the user can see the enthusiasm for the purchase of this product is how high.

Find x Lamborghini version of the first sale, the third party platform has also ushered in a resale climax, although the price is much higher than the official price, but also a lot of users to buy directly, regardless of the premium, just to be able to experience the find X Lamborghini version of the Super Run charm. As the 2018 most worthy of the purchase of a joint product, find x Lamborghini in the process of the peak, gradient carbon fiber texture design, etching process to build a floating Lamborghini brand logo, SUEPRVOOC Super Flash and Oppo and Lamborghini auto cooperation brand addition,

All let this product in each dimension is undoubtedly a top flagship product, and even reached the point of collection, become the most super running spirit of a mobile phone products.
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