Confessing the goddess big screen most reliable | Vivitek (Li Xun) H658F projection detonated romantic Tanabata

'The Tanabata and the future see the tourmaline, the beef vines crossing the river bridge', the traditional Chinese Valentine's Day, the Tanabata is coming, for many lovers, it is appropriate to use this holiday confession, how to create a romantic and confession The atmosphere, can capture the heart of the goddess? Large screen projector should be a good choice.

Vivitek H658F is a versatile entry-level projector

In recent years, the appearance of home projectors has appeared more and more in weddings, confession, etc. As one of the "artifacts" necessary to create a romantic atmosphere, the large-screen image of the projector can bring visual impact to people. In the realistic and shocking image, emotional pleasure is generated and impressed, and the success rate of the confession will be improved. Delta's projection brand Vivitek (Lixun) recently released a H658F multi-function full HD home projector, using it to project a large screen shocking image as a confession material, is definitely a romantic weapon to conquer the goddess.

Vivitek H658F features a white, stylish look and is compact and lightweight

Vivitek H658F has a 1.2x zoom lens for easy projection of a 300-inch screen

The Vivitek multi-function projector H658F has an ultra-thin and lightweight design with a height and weight of only 105mm and 2.6Kg. It is small and portable, easy to transport. It has a stylish, glossy white appearance that enhances the projector's cooling and quiet performance. In the energy-saving state, the noise is only 29dB, creating a quiet atmosphere. In terms of performance, the H658F has a brightness of 3,300 lumens, and the contrast ratio is also upgraded to 15,000:1. It supports true 1080p full HD resolution and supports up to WUXGA (1,920 x1). , 200) level, compared with other entry-level projector parameters have been greatly improved; 1.2x zoom lens can easily achieve a 300-inch large screen, making the projection effect more clear and shocking.

Vivitek's H658F interface is rich and compatible

Whether it's a confession to the goddess, or a couple enjoying a romantic love movie at home, this Vivitek multi-function projector H658F is the perfect choice for creating a romantic atmosphere. This Tanabata, no need to go to the theater, use H658F will show you the 'privately customized' love pieces that only belong to two people!

For details, please pay attention to Vivitek's flagship store:

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