Adhering to | 'Humanistic Design' | Philosophy | OPPO Shenzhen Super Flagship Store Brings Intelligent Interactive Experience

August 10, 2018, Shenzhen, China – Today, OPPO's second super flagship store in the world officially settled in Shenzhen and held its opening ceremony. On the same day, OPPO Find X Lamborghini version launched in the super flagship store in Shenzhen. OPPO Shenzhen Super Flagship The store adheres to the concept of 'humanistic design' to create a free, intimate and interesting intelligent interactive experience space, and to help smart operation through smart devices, bringing a better customer experience. As OPPO explores the cutting-edge position of the retail terminal model, Shenzhen Super The opening of the flagship store marks another milestone in the upgrade of OPPO retail terminals, which will further enhance the public's awareness and reputation for the overall OPPO brand.

OPPO Shenzhen Super Flagship Store Exterior Panorama

'We are very pleased to welcome OPPO's second super flagship store in the world, and show the OPPO's ultimate pursuit of beauty and thinking and exploration of retail through the super flagship store. ' OPPO Assistant Vice President, China's marketing director Shen Yiren said, ' As the core of the OPPO retail terminal, the super flagship store will serve as an extension of the OPPO brand, helping us to better interact and communicate with users, and provide customers with better experience and services.

OPPO Assistant Vice President, Mainland China Marketing Director Shen Yiren delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

OPPO Shenzhen Super Flagship Store combines technology and art. It is located in the core of Shenzhen Huaqiang North Commercial Street after the new renovation. Based on the concept of 'humanistic design', Shenzhen Super Flagship Store combines Shenzhen's 'young' urban characteristics, through innovation The exhibition design highlights the urban humanistic background and the aesthetic taste of consumers. At the same time, it creates a smart interactive area to provide consumers with a free, friendly and interesting store experience. In the OPPO Shenzhen Super Flagship Store, the consumer's walking track, music rhythm, During the charging process, product information is visualized through smart devices, triggering consumers' desire to explore and bringing a sense of deep space experience.

OPPO Shenzhen Super Flagship Store Facade and Interior List

Based on the operation experience of Shanghai Super Flagship Store, OPPO Shenzhen Super Flagship Store further strengthens the operation and service functions of the store in the design. In Shenzhen Super Flagship Store, OPPO conducts intelligent comprehensive analysis of the passenger flow data of the store, thereby improving the operational efficiency of the store. People bring better service. In terms of after-sales service, OPPO further simplifies the overall process and enables consumers to experience the 'visualization' after-sales service. In addition, Shenzhen Super Flagship Store will also carry out new product experience, cross-border promotion and Art exhibitions and other activities to enrich and inspire people's urban life and creativity.

The super flagship store is the highest expression of OPPO retail space design, and it is also OPPO's forward-looking exploration position for retail terminal operation mode. The opening of OPPO Shenzhen Super Flagship Store marks OPPO's exploration of its own unique terminal retail model. Take a solid step.

From Shanghai's super flagship store to Shenzhen's super flagship store, OPPO is exploring a complete and unique retail terminal image design language, and plans to gradually promote its use in all levels of OPPO retail terminals. In addition, OPPO is based on the super flagship store, Steadily promote the upgrading of retail terminal image and operational improvement, including sales point optimization and strengthening the landing strategy of large-scale integrated shopping centers.

In the face of the overall environment of consumption upgrading, people's awareness and recognition of the brand is becoming more important than ever. In addition to the upgrading of retail terminal image and operational improvement, OPPO continues to exert its strength in product and R&D. Perfectly integrated with art, launched the future flagship Find X, and established the OPPO Research Institute this year to carry out core technology pre-research and reserve to create technical conditions for the competitiveness of future products. In terms of market layout, OPPO has entered the European market and further expanded. In the overseas market business, OPPO constantly explores more innovative ways to strengthen emotional communication and values ​​with young people, so as to continue to promote brand promotion and continuously improve people's recognition and reputation for OPPO brand.