Cross-border super-run is popular. Find X Lamborghini version is sold out.

At 10 am on August 10, Find X Lamborghini version was sold simultaneously on the OPPO official website and offline OPPO stores, and sold out after the sale.

Since the Find X Lamborghini version has accumulated a very high popularity as early as the opening of the appointment, so the instant sale is also expected, and behind the sale is the industry and the market's affirmation of the Find X Lamborghini version and Recognized by the OPPO brand, OPPO has teamed up with the top manufacturer in the field of super-running, Lamborghini, to bring this product, both in terms of brand and product details, to show high sincerity and to make the product itself more quality. .

The Find X Lamborghini version incorporates a large number of Lamborghini automotive elements in the body design, and the back is made of carbon fiber texture that best reflects the 'super-running spirit'. The unique luster of the glass body gives a good visual impression. At the same time OPPO will also put the Lamborghini car LOGO on the fuselage through a special process, showing the unique identity of Find X Lamborghini version.

In terms of functions, OPPO brought a new SuperVOOC super flash charging technology on the Find X Lamborghini version. This technology will increase the charging power of the mobile phone to 50W or more for the first time. It can fill the Find X Lamborghini mobile phone in only 35 minutes.

The reason why the Find X Lamborghini version was sold out after the sale was because the cross-border of OPPO and Lamborghini cars was very topical, and the Find X product itself was full of watch, making OPPO and Lamborghini's cooperation become an industry. Focus on attention, and attract a large number of users to buy in the field of technology and super-run.

With the launch of the Find X Lamborghini version and rapid sales, the product that has been integrated into the 'super-running spirit' has attracted the attention of many different users, and also successfully circled the OPPO in the super-running circle. As an OPPO that has always been loved by users, this brand and Lamborghini brand have once again enhanced their brand image in the hearts of users, and Lamborghini has also successfully cross-border technology circles through Find X Lamborghini. The industry of secondary cross-border integration is of extraordinary significance.

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