The first 6k HD decoding | 2018 most cost-effective penguin Aurora box 1v coming!

Earlier I heard that Tencent Video will jointly create Skyworth Digital to create a most cost-effective TV box. I look forward to a few months on August 10, 2018. This box is finally listed in Jingdong, named Penguin Aurora Box 1v. This Penguin Aurora Box 1v is the king of the topic with the first 6K HD decoding black technology, 4 optional voice remote control, 3 intimate customized modes, powerful performance and configuration, and pre-sale 199 yuan ultra-low price. The most cost-effective set-top box tops the list.

During the listing period, from August 10th to August 17th at 10:00, 0 yuan reservation, reservation discount 30 yuan, the hand price is only 199 yuan, the sun can also get Tencent video super film VIP monthly card. So many benefits, People have to be curious about this most cost-effective set-top box black horse.

All black appearance, technology explosion

The penguin Aurora Box 1v looks like the strange goose image of the previous generation of penguin Aurora 1s. The difference is that the eyes and mouth of the goose face are turned black, which looks very cool. The black appearance set breaks through the routine, humor, Interesting and happy, brain hole, fresh feeling, exploring the unknown, leaving the user with a very large imagination. Against the black matte texture of imported polycarbonate environmentally friendly materials in Germany, Penguin Aurora Box 1v gives a mysterious, black The smart feeling of technology.

Beast performance, the country's first 6k HD decoding

Penguin Aurora Box 1v is how to rank among the most cost-effective and black technology boxes. In fact, from the configuration, you can see that this TV box is called beast performance. Penguin Aurora Box 1v uses Quanzhi H6 chip, using ARM quad core A53CPU, equipped with MaliT720 GPU, Android7.0 system, with higher pixel fill rate, can solve 6K HD video. In most boxes still stay in 4K decoding, Penguin Aurora Box 1v has advanced 6K hard solution technology Introduced TV box, the highest resolution can reach 6144*3072, support HDR10, HLG, and integrate Allwinner Smartcolor3.0 intelligent image quality engine. The quality of video playback shows the power of the product to inject the ultimate experience. The decoding speed is as fast as the rocket. 360° immersive look, the details are complete, 6K VR panoramic view of the viewing experience, let the eyes full of addiction.

Plus 1GB+8GB of large storage, Bluetooth voice remote control, dual-band dual-antenna wifi, usb3.0, Bluetooth 4.2 and other configurations, whether it is loading videos, opening applications, watching live games or playing large games, there is a fast experience, transmission More stable, can be called a fighter in the TV box! To know that even the market to sell 199 yuan Tmall Box 3A, millet box 4c, etc. are still only single-frequency single antenna or even millet box 4c have no voice remote control.

AI intelligent voice remote control, a variety of anime stars original sound optional

In the penguin Aurora 1s, we have already seen the super-fast speech recognition ability of the girl, and the surprise is that the Penguin Aurora Box 1v not only reduces the price but also adds, in addition to the long legs, the original sound, and also from The glory of the king and the second-star star voice assistant of "Fox Demon Little Matchmaker", Li Bai, Sun Wukong, Tu Shan Su Su, etc.

Penguin Aurora Box 1v not only has a cute voice, but also has up to 95% voice recognition accuracy, voice processing speed industry leading, intelligent post-processing automatic error correction, image recognition and other capabilities. Just open mouth, video On-demand, looking for stars, star face recognition, changing channels, listening to music, checking the weather, playing controls, etc. can be easily done. Think of the price of 199 yuan to get such a cool 6k smart voice set-top box is really good value for money.

Penguin UI for the family, intimate custom mode

The Penguin Aurora UI is created for the living room scene. When you turn on the TV, you can watch TV, listen to music, educate kids, play games, etc. Simple waterfall flow design, carefully arranged personality, 6 million+ hours of genuine high-quality film, including Hot dramas, variety shows, sports, movies, etc. and HBO Tencent exclusive content can be given priority.

In addition to Penguin Aurora Box 1v, it is also intimate to customize different user interface for each family, the common general standard mode, the elder mode suitable for the elderly operation and the children's mode for parental management, to create differentiation from the experience. Looking for content on a complicated poster page, you can create an easy-to-use elder mode. Children who watch TV must consider content security, watch time, etc., set up a blacklist of content, and develop a children's mode. The three modes meet the needs of members of all ages in the family. Through the artificial intelligence algorithm, thousands of people, different from person to person, accurate recommendation, new content every day.

The king of cost performance, is destined to be explosive

Penguin Aurora Box 1v relies on the powerful content advantages of Tencent Video and the powerful hardware strength of Skyworth's box team. When it comes to the market, it has set off a lot of storms. After all, a smart voice set-top box capable of decoding 6K is unheard of. In addition to comparable to cinema-quality image quality. 6k decoding, this penguin Aurora box 1v is killing similar products. The same price of 199 yuan millet box 4C and Tmall box 3A CPU clocked at only 1.5GHZ, Penguin Aurora box 1v can achieve 1.8GHZ, running speed Faster, the system is smoother.

Both the Xiaomi Box 4c and the Tmall Box 3A support only 4K decoding. The Tmall Box 3A does not support HDR hard solutions. In contrast, the Penguin Aurora Box 1v can achieve 6K HDR hard solution, 360° immersive viewing. The vivid picture is coming.

In Xiaomi Box 4c and Tmall Box 3A also use single-frequency dual antenna, Bluetooth 4.0, usb2.0, Penguin Aurora Box 1v has quietly configured a big upgrade, dual-band dual-antenna wifi, Bluetooth 4.2, usb3. 0, Deluxe Edition configuration blessing, to ensure that the network speed is fast and stable, the troubles of the system Caton will never appear again.

When it comes to voice remote control, Xiaomi Box 4c is still in the era of infrared remote control. The voice remote control of Tmall Magic Box 3A is just a cold machine sound. In contrast, Li Bai, Sun Wukong, Qi Ji and Fox with "Glory of the King" The Penguin Aurora Box 1v of Tushan Susu is the most interesting and warm! It seems that it is superior to this Penguin Aurora Box 1v. It is a veritable king of cost-effectiveness. It is also inevitable to become a burst!

The Penguin Aurora Box 1v assisted by the second-element star is powerful, but the price is very grounded. Now, the 0 yuan reservation can also enjoy the sun-single and send the Tencent video super movie VIP monthly card for a benefit, which can be converted into the whole network in the early 150s. The most scientific and cost-effective Penguin Aurora Box 1v takes home, this business is definitely not profitable.

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