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Original title: SMIC, Zhongwei and Huali have joined forces to make IC an important representative of 'Made in Shanghai'

Abstract: As the most complete area of ​​the integrated circuit industry chain, Shanghai has emerged as a leading company in SMIC, Huahong Hongli, Zhongwei Semiconductor and Huada Semiconductor. Among them, SMIC's 14nm process has begun to enter customers. In the introduction stage; in May this year, the 12-inch advanced production line construction project of Shanghai Huali Construction and Operation has realized the first lithography machine to move in; the medium-etching equipment of Zhongwei Semiconductor has entered the 7nm, 10nm mass production line of TSMC; Big Semiconductor ranked the fourth largest IC design company in China with sales of 5.21 billion yuan last year.

Set micro-network news, currently in the field of domestic integrated circuits, Shanghai has undoubtedly become the region with the most industrial concentration, the most complete industrial chain and the highest comprehensive technical level. According to Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association, "Shanghai Integration in 2018" The White Paper on Circuit Industry shows that in 2017, the sales volume of Shanghai IC industry reached 118.062 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.2%. This is the fourth consecutive year that Shanghai's IC industry sales scale has achieved double-digit growth since 2014.

In order to promote the development of Shanghai's integrated circuit industry, in January 2016, Shanghai established a 50 billion yuan Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Fund, which is mainly divided into 10 billion yuan of equipment materials fund, 10 billion yuan of design fund, 30 billion yuan. Manufacturing fund. It is understood that the industry investment fund has completed the investment of more than 20 billion yuan.

As the most complete area of ​​the integrated circuit industry chain, Shanghai currently has more than 500 industrial chain companies, and has emerged as a number of leading companies such as SMIC, Huahong Hongli, Zhongwei Semiconductor, Ziguang Zhanrui, and Huada Semiconductor.

It is worth mentioning that recently, Li Qiang, secretary of the municipal party committee, came to Shanghai to visit the Shanghai IC industry and hosted a symposium to gain an in-depth understanding of the industrial development trend and listen to the opinions and suggestions of the company. It is understood that Li Qiang has come to Zhongwei Semiconductor Equipment. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., SMIC International Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Huada Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Co., Ltd., to view the product display and R&D production lines, and to understand the development of enterprise planning.

SMIC 14nm has entered the customer introduction stage

SMIC is currently the largest wafer foundry in China, ranking fifth in the world, behind TSMC, Globalfoundries, UMC and Samsung (fourth in pure OEM). According to SMIC's latest announcement of 2018 In the second quarter, SMIC reported second-quarter sales of $890.7 million, an increase of 7.2% from the previous quarter and an increase of 18.6% from the previous year.

SMIC has always represented the most advanced level of IC manufacturing in the mainland. At present, SMIC has mass-produced the 28nm process. It is gratifying that SMIC's 14nm FinFET process has begun to enter the customer introduction stage, which is predictable. The production target is not far away. If 14nm is officially mass-produced, it will be a historic moment for SMIC. Not only can it ensure that it is far ahead of domestic competitors, but it can also draw closer to its international chip makers. The distance between.

It is reported that SMIC's 14nm process is jointly developed with Huawei, Qualcomm and Belgian Microelectronics Center. The previous target was mass production before 2020, and the official production time is now determined in the first half of next year.

In addition, SMIC has been expanding its fab capacity in the past two years. The 8-inch fab in Tianjin has been installing equipment recently. After completion, it will have a capacity of 150,000 wafers per month, making it the world's largest 8-inch wafer. In addition, SMIC's capital expenditure this year is 1.9 billion US dollars, in addition to expansion capacity will continue to develop 14nm process.

Shanghai Huali 12-inch project to achieve trial production at the end of the year

Shanghai Huali Microelectronics is currently responsible for the construction and operation of Huahong Group's 12-inch integrated circuit related production line project, and is committed to meeting the manufacturing needs of advanced design chips for domestic design companies. reported that in May this year, Shanghai Huali Construction and Operation of the 12-inch advanced production line construction project (referred to as 'Huahong Sixth Factory') to achieve the first process equipment - lithography machine moved into.

It is reported that the first process equipment moved in this time is the NXT 1980Di lithography machine of the Dutch Asma Company. It is the most advanced immersion lithography machine on the integrated circuit production line in mainland China. Huali said that within the next five months, The process equipment of Huahong No.6 Plant will be moved in and completed, and the installation and commissioning will be completed. The trial production will be realized before the end of this year and the production capacity will be 10K/month. Huahong Sixth Factory is the largest integrated circuit industry investment project in Shanghai with a total investment of 38.7 billion yuan. Yuan Renminbi will build a 12-inch integrated circuit chip production line with a monthly capacity of 40,000 pieces. The process covers 28-14 nanometer technology nodes. The project is planned to be completed by the end of 2022. The project is mainly engaged in the production of logic chips, focusing on the advanced chips of domestic design enterprises. Manufacturing, and meet some of the key chip manufacturing needs related to national information security.

In addition, the total investment of 10 billion US dollars Huahong Wuxi base project (Huahong 7 plant) is also under construction, will build a new 12-inch process integrated circuit production line with a process grade of 90-65 nm and a monthly capacity of about 40,000 pieces. Support applications in emerging areas such as 5G and the Internet of Things.

Medium and micro-media etching equipment has been inserted into TSMC 7nm production line

Micro-Semiconductor is one of the leading integrated circuit equipment companies in China. It is mainly engaged in the field of etching machine. It has developed the first dielectric etching machine in mainland China. Currently, the medium etching device of China Micro-Semiconductor, through-silicon via etching Equipment, MOCVD equipment, etc. have successfully entered the important customer supply system at home and abroad. For example, its dielectric etching equipment has entered the 7nm, 10nm mass production line of TSMC, successfully breaking the monopoly of international giants.

At present, the localization rate of parts of SMIC semiconductor etching equipment has exceeded 35%. More than 20 domestic suppliers of reactors and system mainframes have been developed. The processing capacity and quality have reached the international advanced level. By the end of 2017, There are more than 620 ICP stations producing etch reactors operating on 39 advanced production lines at home and abroad.

Huada Semiconductor ranked fourth in China's IC design company last year

Huada Semiconductor is a professional sub-group formed by China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. (CEC) to integrate its integrated circuit companies. It has three listed companies with assets of 10 billion. In smart cards and security chips, smart card applications, analog circuits, new displays. The field has a large share. Among them, the shipment and sales of smart cards and security chip products rank first in the Chinese market, ranking the top five in the world.

In the '2017 Top Ten IC Design Companies' list, Huada Semiconductor ranked the fourth largest IC design company in China with sales of 5.21 billion yuan. According to official website, companies under Huada Semiconductor include Shanghai Belling. , Solomon Systech, Huada Electronics, Nanjing Weimeng, Zhengan Technology and Huada Zhibao.

Dong Haoran, general manager of Huada Semiconductor, previously introduced in public, based on good development opportunities and broad market prospects, Huada Semiconductor will develop industrial control core chips with motor control applications as the breakthrough. The goal is to achieve core chip import substitution and support smart manufacturing. National strategy.

In the field of industrial control chips, Huada Semiconductor's goal is to build a whole industry chain for industrial control and new energy vehicles, to form a total solution, to build China's industrial control flagship company. Specifically, Huada Semiconductor will focus on white Home appliances, industrial control, controllers in the field of new energy vehicles, analog circuits, driver chips, power devices and other fields.

After the investigation, Li Qiang pointed out that Shanghai's semiconductor industry has a good foundation. The integrated circuit should be regarded as the key point of the 'Shanghai manufacturing' brand. The key core areas of the science and technology center construction are based on the actual situation in Shanghai and the advantages of the industry. Fully break through the core key technologies and truly make integrated circuits an important representative of 'Shanghai Manufacturing'.