Multiple power domains allow developers to minimize application power, while sufficient number of I/O ports, communication interfaces, audio and analog peripherals to meet the needs of entertainment,

Trade ze electronic start to stock STMicroelectronics Stm32h7 series microcontroller.

This high-performance Stm32h7 microcontroller uses the same security concepts as the Arm® Platform Security Architecture (PSA) framework and integrates these concepts with the STM32 series of enhanced security features and services to enhance the protection of interconnected smart devices. The St Stm32h7 microcontroller is built with a double-precision floating-point unit (FPU) with a 32-bit arm CORTEX®-M7 core, up to 2MB Flash and 1MB RAM.

This microcontroller integrates hardware security features such as hardware true random number generator (TRNG) and advanced cryptographic encryption processor to simplify the security design of embedded applications and global IoT (IoT) systems. In order to implement the firmware security loading function, the security key and software service pre-installed in the microcontroller allows the OEM manufacturer to hand over the encrypted firmware to the foundry. Eliminates the possibility of intercepting, copying, or tampering with code, which enables you to write code to the device and verify the capabilities of the device, establish a device to connect to the end user network and complete the Remote online update (

OTA) The trusted root mechanism required to download and install security patches or upgrade software during the device life cycle. This series of microcontrollers also provides additional capabilities to further enhance performance, including Chrom-art accelerator™ for improving the speed and efficiency of graphical user interface processing, hardware JPEG codec for high-speed image processing, efficient direct storage access (DMA) controller, Allows the microcontroller to access the L1 cache of the external memory at full speed.