Electronics industry leader in the first half of the company to achieve profit of 4.147 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 26%. A big explosion in tech! Policy push and fundamental improvement are t

Set of micro-network news, according to the Securities Times reported that 9th technology stocks contrarian rebound, to the increasingly depressed a-share market injected a dose of strong heart needles.

Domestic software, security services, cloud computing, chips, industrial interconnection, such as the concept index rose more than 4%, including domestic software index rose 6.54%, wave software, China Software, run and software, Taiji shares have trading, treasure letter software, wave information, Ufida network rose more than 7%. Industry sector, all of the industry index to achieve a rise, technology stocks together the industry plate performance more prominent. 4 industry indices, such as computers, electronics, communications and pharmaceuticals, rose more than 3%. The computer index rose 4.84% at the top of the index, its biggest single-day gain in nearly one months.

Today's trading of all stocks, there are 16 stocks from the computer sector, such as the good creation of video, the United States and Asia Cupressaceae, million Hing Technology, run and software, in terms of quantity, is the industry plate in the largest trading stocks. The big increase in science and technology is related to many factors, one is the SFC announced yesterday, ' deepen reform ' and ' expand open ' five initiatives. Industry insiders said that the regulator's "deepening reform" and "open up", coupled with the upcoming initiatives, will help boost market expectations and inject confidence into the market.

In addition, the Chinese government 8th news that the State Council to adjust the National science and Technology Education Group as the National Science and Technology Leadership group. The second is the fundamental improvement, for the science and Technology theme of the rally provides a strong support. Data treasure statistics show that the most of the science and technology subject stocks computer, electronics, communications, pharmaceutical biology, such as 4 sectors in the first half of the performance of most good. The 4 industries that have been reported in the semi-annual 85 stocks, 82 of the first half of the profit, of which 62 shares of net profit growth Year-on-year, accounting for more than 70%.