Close to the universal Alipay | Apple patent shows iPhone can be used as identity documents

Summary: Apple's iPhone is currently in addition to audio-visual entertainment. When using payment tools, it seems that there are no more application scenarios. The latest Apple patent shows that the iPhone application scenario is expected to expand further.

Set micro-network news (text / Luo Ming) In China, Alipay is not only a third-party tool for paying bills, but also like a treasure chest, it can brush the bus, can check the college entrance examination scores, can withdraw the provident fund, and can also provide the document information. Service, etc., can be said to be very versatile, the latest patent from Apple on the other side of the ocean shows that the iPhone is moving closer to the universal Alipay.

In March last year, Apple submitted a patent application to the US Patent and Trademark Office, hoping that the iPhone could be used as 'document information'. The US Patent and Trademark Office officially announced the application on Wednesday, 8th, the patent name is 'Safety Component. The important document' details how the iPhone uses short-range radio technology (like NFC or RFID) to store personal credentials, the latter being known as ID cards, driver's licenses, etc., used to prove the identity of the owner.

When the relevant department personnel ask for the ID information, the iPhone user can use the password, fingerprint, and face to unlock the mobile phone, and then display the personal ID information stored in the mobile phone, so that the information data can be sent to the relevant department personnel who request the information.

Apple's own Apple Pay is popular in some countries, for transaction transfers, etc., and if Apple's iPhone as an ID document can be quickly commercialized, then Apple is expected to become as versatile as Alipay.