Suspected Huawei ridiculed Samsung Galaxy Note9 appearance upgrade is not large

Summary: Samsung released the Galaxy Note9, but the friend who did not expect to respond first was actually Huawei.

Samsung received a Galaxy Note9 last night, no doubt a proper machine, 6.4-inch QHD + Super AMOLED, 4000 mAh battery, Qualcomm flagship chip 骁 845, 8 + 512GB large Storage, rear dual 12MP lens, iris recognition, IP68 waterproof and dustproof, S pen for remote shutter, etc., Samsung has almost built the Galaxy Note9 with the best materials available, full of sincerity, the entire Chinese technology media and foreign media It's all about it, and it shows that its attention is high. Even the old rival Huawei can't help but pay attention to it and even express its views.

After Samsung released Galaxy Note9, Huawei Mobile launched a special suspicion, our Huawei P20 Pro can be called a real generation upgrade (a real generation upgrade), rear three cameras, 5x zoom, Imagine What will happen next (the next generation flagship machine).

Although Huawei Mobile Twitter does not explicitly mention the Samsung Galaxy Note9, it may actually be a real upgrade in the appearance of mocking it. It uses almost the same body and style as the Galaxy Note8, from the Galaxy Note product line. Look, Galaxy Note8 is a real upgrade, it is the first Samsung flagship machine with dual cameras.

Aside from the suspicion of ridiculing Samsung, the mobile Twitter release is not only to showcase the excellence of the P20 Pro, but also to warm up the new product, because the Huawei flagship Mate20 series will soon be released, Twitter hints that it will have more Significant changes have brought more surprises to consumers. It is expected that the Huawei Mate20 series will be released in October.