Arm Wu Xiong, Huang Wang, Shi Lei, Zhang Shilong, Lin Yongyu's Message Summit

August 31, 2018

The 2nd Jimei Semiconductor Summit will be held in Xiamen Haicang

As an annual industry carnival,

The micro-semiconductor summit attracted the attention of the industry.

Executive Chairman and CEO of Arm China Wu Xiong Ang Message:

I wish to gather the Micro-Semiconductor Summit to promote industrial cooperation and innovation, and the summit will be a complete success!

Chairman, CEO and CEO of Huami Technology Huang Wang Message:

Gathering the elites of the industry, the Chinese core wishing summit will be better and better, leading the industry forward!

Last year, more than 30 CEOs of listed companies

50 investment partner

150 industry company CEOs and

200 trillion fund managers

Together witnessed this historical moment.

General Manager of Tongfu Microelectronics Shi Lei Message:

In the broad sense of the brainstorming, see the big net Ju Yingjie strong core dream

First business day after the summit

A-share integrated circuit sector rose by 3.42%

Semiconductor sector rose 2.71%

Chip replacement sector rose 4.53%

Three major sectors collectively rise

The Shanghai Composite Index only rose 0.3% during the same period

Chairman and General Manager of Shengbang Micro Zhang Shilong Message:

Jizhongzhi is down to earth, Huixin core name is full of Huaxia. Zhuji Micro Semiconductor Summit is a complete success!

Semiconductor industry executives

Investment institution

The senior public officials of local governments constitute the three major groups of core participants.

This year's Jiufeng Summit will have more than 1,000 participants.

The elite of the global semiconductor industry

Will gather again in Xiamen Haicang!

Chairman and General Manager of Xingyi Technology Lin Yongyu Message:

Set micro-core, only the island of the island!

Fiery August

bring it on!

Carnival of China's IC industry!

Welcome to the Micro Summit!

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