The first 7nm chip production, Jia Nan Zhi Zhi three bursts, China mining machine ASIC double strong bar

The micro-network news, whether it is a high-end smart phone or a mining machine manufacturer, is eager for higher performance and lower power consumption of the chip, and promotes the pace of the 7nm process market. As one of the three giants of China Bitcoin mining machine Jia Nan Zhi Zhi, yesterday before all the chip giants, launched the world's first 7nm mass production chip. The 7nm chip is not only the first chip in the blockchain, but also the world's first 7nm chip, currently global The semiconductor industry's highest production process grade, also unexpectedly grabbed Apple, NVIDIA, and Hai Si.

In the wave of bitcoin mining market in Boyun, Jianan Yuzhi undoubtedly invested another blockbuster, injecting a strong shot into the increasingly questionable mining market. Jianan Zhizhi last year's revenue exceeded RMB 1.2 billion, profits exceeding 300 million yuan, annual growth rate of 20 times and 125 times respectively, this year's revenue and profits are 10 billion yuan and 5 billion yuan, and it is reported that it may apply for IPO in Hong Kong. , Jia Nan Zhi Zhi also focused on the transformation of the AI ​​chip. China's mining machine ASIC double strong pace is surprisingly consistent.

Jia Songhua, director of the public affairs department of Jianan Zhizhi, said that after successfully developing and mass producing 110nm chips in 2013, the company successively developed and mass-produced 28nm, 16nm and 7nm chips in the next five years. It is understood that Jianan Zhizhi This 7nm mass production chip is manufactured by TSMC and has the highest computing power density, lower cost and higher capacity, low power consumption, high temperature resistance and high yield. The first batch of 7nm chips has been delivered. , will be used for Jia Nan Zhi Zhi's Avalon blockchain supercomputer A9.

According to reports, the power of the Avalon A9 series mining machine with 7nm chip will jump from the original 14TH/s to 30TH/s, and the overall improvement will exceed 100%. Previously, the mainstream mining products on the market were mostly adopted. 16nm process, and the computing power is within the level of 15TH / s (bit Continental's ant mining machine S9i currently calculates 14TH / s). Obviously, the introduction of Avalon A9 series mining machine will be Jia Nan Zhi Zhi in the mine The machine market brings more competitiveness.

According to the previous Jianan Zhizhi prospectus, in the 2017 market, Jianan Zhizhi delivered 294,500 mining machines, and the market share (bitcoin mining machine) by delivery was 20.9%, ranking second in the world; Bit Continental's ant mining machine delivery volume is 940,100 units, with a market share of 66.6%. Although Bitium's share in the mining machine market is far more than that of Jianan Zhizhi, with Jianan Zhizhi taking the lead in mass production of 7nm process The mining machine ASIC chip, and the introduction of the mining machine based on the chip, will help it enhance its competitiveness with Bitland, further narrowing the market share gap with Bitland.

In addition to the first 7nm chip, Jianan Zhizhi also released two new mining machines. Avalon A9 series bitcoin mining machine, achieving four major transcendences: super computing power, up to 30TH/s; low power consumption, single T power consumption is only 60W/T at the minimum; Cooling system upgrade: Super large air volume 14CM fan, meeting the use environment of 40 degrees or more; Adopting the world's first 7nm 3206 super-calculation chip, effectively reducing costs and coping with more extreme market conditions.

The other is the Avalon L-series Litecoin mining machine. In appearance, the L series has extended Avalon's consistently simple style; in terms of configuration, the L series uses the industry's most classic 12nm chip technology, the computing power can be as high as 1891M, the energy consumption ratio is only 0.84W/M. Jia Nan Zhi Zhi said that the Avalon L series was born, officially announced the arrival of the era of 'scrypt' encryption algorithm, and opened the industry's ultra-computing low-power Consumption 'new chapter.

Jia Nan Yu Zhi stressed that in the face of the future, Jia Nan Zhi Zhi will adhere to the concept of transcending self, leading the world, creating the future with 'core', in the field of integrated circuit solutions, chip independent research and development, in the blockchain and artificial intelligence industries. Play more roles. It is reported that Jia Nan Zhizhi is also working on the development of artificial intelligence chips while developing blockchain integrated circuits, and more surprises will appear soon.