Haier's 2nd Laundry Festival Opening | National 42 City Promotion | 'Double Wash' | Service

On August 8th, Haier loves home service brand and laundry festival release event held in Beijing. From August 1st to 31st, 30,000 stores in 42 cities nationwide will provide users with 'double wash' service, namely Haier Free The washing machine provides users with free on-site cleaning service. The air washes the high-grade clothes for the users free of charge in the major counters. At the same time, the Yuanmeng series washing machine including Haier No-Clean, Direct Drive and other 12 products are on display at the scene. You can enjoy a 10% replacement subsidy for this series of products.

According to Haier related sources, Haier washing machine launched this series of services during the laundry festival to meet the diversified needs of consumers. In Haier's no-clean cleaning service, for example, the user can clean the inner bucket free of charge. Let the user witness the dirtiness of the inner barrel and strengthen the concept of healthy washing.

'The washing machine has just been used for two years, but I didn't expect it to be so dirty'. A user in Qingdao said that through this service, users have a concrete awareness of the dangers of dirty barrels, and at the same time played a role in accelerating the popularization of Haier's no-clean washing machine. Haier no-clean original 'smart ball' technology, can wash the barrel at the same time, completely solve the dirty barrel problem, provide health care for the clothes. According to statistics, as of now, Haier no-clean has cleaned the washing machine for 250,000 users nationwide.

In addition, Haier's major stores also use air-washing technology to clean high-end clothing for users, and solve the problem that high-grade fabrics such as silk and suede are difficult to clean. After the event began, Haier Air Wash has cleaned more than 2 million pieces of clothing for users. At the event site, China Household Appliance Service Maintenance Association will also award the User Experience Innovation Award for Haier Washing Machine 'Double Wash Service'.

It is worth noting that in addition to the 'double wash' service innovation product experience, Haier Washing Machine also launched a 10% renewal subsidy service. This service includes no-clean, direct drive and other high-end products that lead the industry trend, on the one hand To meet the needs of users' health, quiet, care and other aspects of care, on the other hand, accelerate the pace of high-end transformation in the entire industry.

Haier has always innovated in all aspects of products, experience and services around user needs, and has won more and more users' recognition. According to Zhongyikang data, in the past July, Haier washing machine market share was 35.9%, ranking first in the industry. In the national top 10 models of washing machines, Haier occupies 7 seats.

It is understood that in addition to washing machine products, this love home service brand also involves Haier's home appliance industry's air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters and other categories, trying to provide users with more accurate life through innovative service experience, around the living environment of clothing, food and entertainment. Home appliance solutions, users who need it can pay attention to, buy.