700 km/10 hours of uninterrupted navigation | Glory Note10 ultimate battery life challenge

For today's smartphone users, battery life has become one of the biggest pain points in the daily use of mobile phones. In response, glory in the glory Note10 launched on July 31 with 5000mAh large battery, become the largest battery capacity in the history of glory mobile phone One. What is the true level of glory Note10 battery life, our @IT168 mobile channel has carried out a bold challenge: driving all the way north, on the way with glory Note10 for uninterrupted bright screen navigation, see how glory Note10 endurance ability . (full version video at the end of the article)

The starting point of this trip is Beijing Tiananmen Square. The default destination is Xilinhot City. The whole journey includes about 610 kilometers (high speed) and national road (about 70 kilometers). The total journey is about 700 kilometers. The navigation time is about 10 hours. Unplugged navigation. For smart phones, it will brighten when navigating, call GPS, open data connection for real-time route calculation, and it is a comprehensive challenge for mobile phone life. Whether we can successfully complete the challenge of Note10, we will wait and see OK, Let' s go.

At 7:00 in the morning, officially depart from Tiananmen Square. All the way to the north, along the Beijing-Tibet Expressway to Beijing;

After nearly 5 and a half hours of continuous uninterrupted bright-screen navigation (with 1 hour of screen-out in the middle), by 13:34 in the afternoon, iPhoneX has only 11% of electricity, which is close to the low-battery alarm state. At this time, Glory Note10 has 42% of electricity;

At 14:09 Beijing time, the iPhone X is exhausted and shut down. At this time, the glory Note10 has 35% of power left; at this time, it has been navigating for 7 hours and 9 minutes.

Then at 19: 01, arrived at the destination, in order to drive safely, there were two hours off in the middle of the screen without navigation.

In this activity, the total navigation is about 691 kilometers, the navigation time is 10 hours and 01 minutes, and the final remaining power of glory Note10 is 11%. This glory Note10 ultimate battery life challenge.