Samsung Galaxy Note9 first split, how is it different from Note8?

Appearance, Galaxy Note9 and Note8 are almost the same, then, is Note9 worth buying? What problems did Samsung's engineers decide in a year? Let's take a look at the Note9 demolition map from HI-TEACH.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 disassemble the motherboard.
The Galaxy Note9 and Note8 are disassembled in a similar way. Almost all components in the fuselage are glued together, both of which meet the IP68 waterproof requirements.
The Galaxy Note9 and Note8 charging ports are made of rubber, and the stylus's storage slot is also glued. At first glance, there is no difference between the two.
By careful comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 connector for the fixed fingerprint scanner was moved under the camera, which may be a big change in the internal structure.
In addition, another big change is that the Samsung Galaxy Note9's stylus fixing method has changed.
The way the stylus is fixed has become more stable on the Samsung Galaxy Note9, but at the same time it is more flexible. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 stylus can bounce off after the phone falls, minimizing the risk of damage to the stylus slot.
The biggest change of Galaxy Note9 is that it uses the entire copper plate for heat dissipation. The heat dissipation principle of most notebooks is similar, and the Galaxy Note8 is cooled by ordinary copper tubes.
The charging interface is one of the most frequently damaged components in smartphones. In Note 8, the entire motherboard must be removed for replacement, and in Note 9, it is fixed to the motherboard through a cable, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.
Samsung Galaxy Note9 charging interface cable.
By comparing the size of the main components of Note8 and Note9, it can be found that the Galaxy Note9 motherboard is more compact and has fewer components on the motherboard.
Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy Note9 charging interface contrast.
The Galaxy Note9 has a larger speaker size, which may improve the sound quality, but it has a high probability of affecting the waterproof effect.
Samsung Galaxy Note8 and Samsung Galaxy Note9 front camera contrast.
Samsung Galaxy Note8 and Samsung Galaxy Note9 rear camera contrast.
With the same size of the phone, Note9 has a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, which is thicker and wider than Note8 (3300 mAh), but this does not affect the internal layout of Note9.
Samsung Galaxy Note8 internal components.
In this way, Note9 is better than the previous generation Note8 in the integration of the motherboard, and also reduces the difficulty of maintenance in the processing of the charging interface. Overall, the internals are roughly the same, after increasing the capacity and volume of the battery. The size has not increased, and the stylus placement slot has been updated, the probability of damage has been reduced, and the heat dissipation has been greatly updated. What do the friends think?