Hengtong | 'Stacked copper strip device' | Patented license | Will greatly improve the production efficiency of sea cable!

Recently, an invention patent 'stacked copper strip device' independently developed by Hengtong Power Industry Group Jiangsu Hengtong Ocean Light Net System Co., Ltd. successfully passed the examination of the State Intellectual Property Office and obtained the authorization of the invention patent of the State Intellectual Property Office. The invention effectively solves the key problems in the production of sea-optic cables and greatly improves the production efficiency of the products.

Submarine cable is an important part of communication, mainly laid on the seabed, used to connect with the intercontinental, between the mainland and the island, and between the island and the island. The submarine cable is called in the field of optical cable because of its technical difficulties. 'The Pearl of the Crown' puts high demands on the company's production technology innovation strength.

Hengtong has been focusing on technology research and development and system integration in the field of marine power and communication transmission. It is a total solution with reliable, cost-effective design, production and engineering implementation, leading the development of the marine economy era.

Up to now, Hengtong Ocean has passed 36 full-featured submarine cable tests, won 30 UJ&UQJ certificates, and obtained international market passes through the 5000-meter international sea trial. Hengtong marine products and system solutions have been widely used in Egypt, Thailand. Major projects in Russia, Maldives, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Comoros, Venezuela, etc.