The fake foreign milk of the special salesman is destroyed. How can food packaging prevent fraud?

After the problem of melamine in China's milk powder, the Chinese people's trust in the domestic milk powder brand fell to a low point. Foreign brands have long been popular, and this phenomenon is still widespread today. But recently, a case cracked by the Spanish police has been Many people have begun to have doubts about foreign milk powder brands.

Originally, this fake milk powder packaging workshop first purchased bulk fake milk powder from the website, and then put these milk powder into the packaging bag of the internationally renowned milk powder brand, packaged with a plastic sealing machine, and then made out of the carton with an electric glue gun. Packaging. The operation intercepted 8 tons of inferior fake milk powder. According to previous documents, more than 200 tons have been sent to China. It can be seen that these fake vendors choose most of the fake milk powder packaging. Counterfeit products not only infringe on consumer rights, but also easily discredit food companies.

Therefore, while countries are increasingly investigating such counterfeit brands, the food industry has also taken up its own weapons against these unpredictable counterfeiting – upgrading its own anti-counterfeiting logo.

Beijing's famous roast duck brand has been redesigned and anti-counterfeiting for vacuum-packed roast ducks. The 'single and variable QR code' and 'third generation passive silicon-free' are printed on the outer packaging bag. Base chip RFID electronic tag '. Among them, 'unique and variable QR code' is encrypted with a password, a one-time token, etc. It has a three-level anti-counterfeiting standard guarantee, even if it is copied, it can be supervised and then abolished in time. Similar Origen has also created a smart packaging of variable two-dimensional code, which can achieve one can and one yard, perfect food traceability.

China's high-end liquor brands often face the phenomenon that products are copied. For this reason, liquor producers combine the blockchains of recent years with the fire, and use the decentralization formed by distributed accounting, cryptography, and intelligent contracts in the blockchain. Open, transparent, non-tamperable and traceable features to meet the demand for anti-counterfeiting of liquor. A new liquor product uses dynamic laser anti-counterfeit labels on the bottle cap. This tag supports blockchain traceability technology and dynamic image recognition technology to achieve liquor. Product security.

It is understood that there are also foods that use destructive structures for anti-counterfeiting. This anti-counterfeiting technology means that the package is destroyed after it is opened. The entire structure is designed around being unable to be recycled. Of course, this design has been continuously researched since its appearance. Counterfeit, nowadays it is necessary to combine anti-counterfeiting on the packaging of destructive structure to form the integration of anti-counterfeiting packaging, increase the difficulty of fraud of the counterfeiters, and reject the counterfeiters from the technical threshold.

In addition, enterprises are equipped with mobile communication technology, data acquisition and analysis technology, RFID, temperature, accelerometer, intelligent cloud on and other technologies to realize intelligent packaging. This kind of packaging uses the touch screen to complete communication and interaction with consumers. To meet people's anti-counterfeiting and traceability requirements for food.

The profit of the counterfeiting industry is huge. Some time ago, in the case of seizure of cosmetics fraud, it was revealed that Weishang invested in millions of genuine purchases for R&D and counterfeiting, so that the final product could achieve the effect of realism, which shows that the counterfeiters are crazy in the 'fake' career. In the face of this phenomenon, in the relevant departments to increase the intensity of efforts, consumers to pay more attention to the identification, but also need food and packaging equipment manufacturers to speed up the research and development of food packaging, improve the threshold of counterfeiting technology.