20 electric cars, 100% localization rate, Dongfeng limited | 'Green 2022' |

Following the launch of a new medium-term business plan called 'TRIPLE ONE' in February this year, on August 8, China’s largest auto joint venture, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng Limited), was on the occasion of its 15th anniversary. The declaration of 'green + smart' expresses the ambition to open a new era of sustainable development and lead the industrial transformation.

Nissan Global Senior Vice President, Dongfeng Limited President Uchida said: 'Dongfeng limited has not only continued to bring high-quality automotive products to consumers for 15 years, but also pays great attention to the harmonious development of enterprises and society, enterprises and nature. Faced with tremendous changes, and green, intelligence is the key factor leading this change. 'And while answering the question of the reporter of China Auto News, he stressed that in the next few years, Dongfeng has to compete for the first sales of electric vehicles. There are three: 15 years of joint venture company operating experience, Nissan's sufficient technical reserves and rapid technology introduction and unwavering multi-brand strategy. He said that the 'Green 2022 Plan' is not only the important industrial layout of Dongfeng, but also represents For the country, responsibility and responsibility for society.

Motorized cars will account for 30% of total sales

According to Uchida's introduction, green products, green manufacturing, and resource recycling will become the three major focus of Dongfeng's 'Green 2022 Plan'.

At the green product level, Dongfeng is expected to launch 20 electric vehicles in 2022, and Nissan's unique e-POWER technology will also be introduced. It is planned to mix electric vehicles with e-POWER before 2022. The dynamic models account for 30% of the total sales. Dongfeng Limited will also introduce Nissan products, quality assurance system, APW production methods, and promote 100% localization of key parts of electrification within three years, from technology, management, production and other aspects. Helping the development of China's green new energy vehicles.

In terms of green manufacturing, Dongfeng Limited will update more than 3,600 sets of high-energy-consuming equipment through the introduction of Nissan NESCO energy-saving diagnostic methods, establish three photovoltaic power generation parks and other practical measures to strengthen management, optimize the system, and finally achieve a 20% reduction in energy consumption of output value. CO2 emission reduction is equivalent to the absorption of 200,000 mu of forest (accumulated to 2022); in the conservation and utilization of water resources, it will promote the management of intelligent water systems and transform 33 water systems, which will save 43 million water. Tons, the water consumption of output value drops by 35%. By 2022, the accumulated water saving amount is equivalent to the water storage capacity of three West Lakes. In terms of pollutant emissions, it will invest 1 billion yuan in Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Fuyang, Dalian IV. Upgraded 27 coating lines to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions by 50%.

In terms of resource reuse, Dongfeng Limited plans to introduce advanced battery regeneration technology to reduce environmental pollution, reduce vehicle recycling value and avoid waste of resources by recycling batteries, rapid detection and recycling. The highlight of this plan is to plan to build commercial energy storage. Equipment, through the recovery of battery energy storage, and the use of valley electricity or renewable energy charging, the device can provide stable power supply to electric vehicles and society.

It is reported that Dongfeng Limited has implemented the green development concept as an important strategic measure since its inception, aiming to become the 'sustainable development leading brand' of the automotive industry. 2010~2017, Dongfeng limited energy consumption, pollutant emissions, cycling The green indicators of fuel consumption and solid waste utilization rate have reached or exceeded the national green policy objectives. They have won the first batch of demonstration units for green manufacturing system construction, China's 'low carbon pioneer enterprises', and the first prize of China's distributed energy excellent projects. honor.

Four aspects of intelligent implementation

Zhou Xianpeng, Executive Vice President of Dongfeng Limited, introduced the four major strengths of Dongfeng Limited in the introduction of Nissan Zhixing Technology in the next few years: intelligent driving, intelligent interconnection, intelligent power, intelligent management.

In terms of intelligent driving, Dongfeng Limited will gradually introduce advanced ProPILOT, ProPILOT Park and other automatic driving technologies to become the pioneers of automatic driving technology in the Chinese market. In 2019, it began to gradually introduce highway single-lane automatic driving technology; in 2021, it began to gradually import Multi-lane automatic driving technology for highways; by 2022, automatic driving technology under complex urban roads.

In terms of smart interconnection, Dongfeng Limited independently developed a new generation of smart car networking platform based on Nissan Zhixing Technology, defined the car networking ecosystem, launched excellent applications, provided continuous and scalable online services, and based on smart internet technology, including sharing travel. Pilot of time-sharing leasing model, opening up the exploration of service-oriented transformation. Facing the future, Dongfeng Limited has planned the next-generation intelligent interconnection system, including online upgrade of vehicle software, automatic driving and car combination, achieving 100% network connection, by bicycle Intelligent development of cloud-based and edge-based group intelligence capabilities, combining vehicle networking with traditional value chains, creating a new retail model, creating a smart travel service platform, and relying on travel services to achieve 'car finding people' Plastic line ecology.

In terms of intelligent power, in addition to advanced pure electric technology, Nissan's advanced e-POWER and variable compression ratio turbocharged engines (VC-TURBO, VCT for short) will be introduced. These technologies are energy-saving and energy-saving. The e-POWER is 100% driven by a pure motor. The engine is only used to provide power. It saves fuel consumption and has high static and smooth, fast acceleration. VCT technology can achieve 8:1-14 The intelligent switching of any compression ratio between 1 and 1 makes both power and energy saving.

In terms of intelligent management, Dongfeng Limited is committed to building an intelligent management system based on new technologies such as big data, AI, edge computing, VR, etc., covering intelligent management platforms including R&D, manufacturing, production, marketing, and post-market. In order to achieve focus value creation, empowerment model innovation.

Incremental target of over 1 million vehicles

Established in June 2003, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. is a semi-shareholding joint venture established by Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. It is the first automobile joint venture in China with a full range of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The company is also the only full-scale cooperation project of Nissan Company in overseas. At present, it owns Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, Dongfeng Qichen Automobile Company, Dongfeng Infiniti Automobile Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Automobile Zero. Parts (Group) Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. Equipment Company's seven business divisions.

Since its establishment, Dongfeng has limited development from joint venture to joint force, from harmony to harmony, taking into account the balanced development of research and development, production and sales, and constantly strives to meet market demand. At present, Dongfeng Limited has owned four brands: Dongfeng, Qichen, Nissan and Infiniti. As one of the fastest growing joint ventures in the domestic automotive industry, it launched a number of best-selling models such as Tianzhu, Qijun, and Sylphy. At this year's Beijing International Auto Show, Sylphy? SYLPHY Zero Emission debuted and opened Nissan Electrification. In 2017, in the case of an average industry growth of only 2.5%, Dongfeng limited sales of 1.52 million vehicles, an increase of 12%.

In order to further deepen the Chinese market, in February this year, Dongfeng Limited released the 'TRIPLE ONE' new medium-term business plan. The plan pointed out that Dongfeng limited will achieve sales growth target of more than 1 million in China in 2022, and realize 300 billion yuan business. Revenue. The launch of the 'Green 2022 Plan' will form a 'double-edged sword' with the all-round landing of Nissan Zhixing Technology, and push the 'TRIPLE ONE' plan to achieve its goal.