Local foods are getting worse? Smart devices, new sales models to save the field

The author has a clear concept of the local food brand or at the university. At that time, the roommates from the north and the south gathered together. When it came to eating, they found that everyone was familiar with the brand, but the other party was totally unfamiliar. For a time, they could not help but feel so fascinated. You don’t even know snacks? In fact, because of the differences in regions, tastes, crops, etc., some food brands can 'sweet' in the local area. Once they jump out of the area, they will suffer from cold meals because of eating habits, etc. I have never jumped out of the geographical restrictions. But are their development limited? No, the author will take you to see a few gourmet brands that have been active in the local market for many years, and explore the secrets of their strong existence.

Green food: Intelligent production line promotes local food to the whole country

In the eyes of the older generation of Qingdao people and even Shandong people, the brand of green food is synonymous with calcium milk biscuits. This brand created by Qingdao Food Co., Ltd. has made calcium milk biscuits the first in the production and sales of related industries in Shandong Province. The sorghum has also been identified as a Shandong specialty. However, with the international market, the impact of domestic biscuit brands, the influence of green food in the local young generation, the awareness gradually weakened.

Green food has not been depressed. Instead, it has begun to differentiate itself, aiming at the young market and trying to tap the potential of the market segment. The green food plan will update a biscuit production line in the future and enter the infant food supplement industry. On the equipment, the green food plan Implementing a machine substitution plan to reduce labor costs. At present, Green Food is making efforts to create an intelligent automated production line. It is trying to use intelligent robots to pack peanut butter to reduce the labor intensity of employees. In addition, it will purchase an automated, intelligent biscuit production line. Taiwan peanut oven, automatic packaging line, etc.; in the market, green food does not meet the local market, through the continuous investment in new products across the country, join the e-commerce platform to promote the expansion of the sales market.

Salt soda: Join online sales to expand into new markets

In the past seven months, salt soda drinks sold 5 million bottles in half a month. According to e-commerce platform data, 80% of the buyers came from Shanghai. Although the salt soda has many brands, most of the sales are concentrated in Shanghai area. Originally, Shanghai was originally an industrial city. Salt and soda was a great drink for the workers to replenish water in the three days. This made the salt soda have a wide edible base in Shanghai.

Salt soda is essentially a carbonated beverage. Therefore, the high-beverage beverage mixer designed for carbonated beverages on the market, the rotary-spinning three-in-one machine, etc. can all be used in the production of salt soda beverages, helping related companies to reduce costs. Salt and soda drinks are used to cool people in the construction site for three days. Only a few areas have corresponding eating habits. Therefore, various salt soda brands are used to sinking into the line for sales. Last year, salt and water related enterprises and a certain electricity The business platform is working together, which has sold 5 million bottles in half a month.

It can be seen that these local brands have had a bleak period because of their own limitations or because of other brand shocks. But they did not withdraw from the market stage, but reinvigorated, using new technologies, new equipment, new developments. The model forces itself to promote the development of the brand and grow stronger.