Modern fermentation equipment promotes fermented ham to eat raw

With the increasing international exchanges, the food culture of various countries is also constantly blending. Products such as coffee, wine, and pizza are strong in our country, showing that our country is extremely inclusive of foreign food. It is regarded as the nine legendary ingredients in Europe. One of the fermented hams is gradually entering the line of sight. This kind of ham is controlled by strict production process and can be directly eaten raw, with cheese, wine and other products with unique flavor.

Raw food subverts the traditional eating method of Chinese ham and tries to enter the market.

Different from coffee, pizza and other foods, China has a tradition of making edible ham since ancient times. Jinhua ham, Xuanwei ham, such as ham and ham are all famous ham brands in China, whether it is fried pepper, soup or steamed food. It is coveted, only raw food is rarely tried. With the foreign ham brand entering the Chinese market, raw ham as a way of eating ham has gained more and more attention.

There are also many enterprises in China that have the title of ham that can be eaten raw. For example, there are food companies in Tibet that produce fermented ham that can be eaten raw; Jinhua’s brand ham is also widely known as a slogan that can be eaten raw; Weining also announced the successful hatching of ham products. However, due to the distrust of domestic food safety, many consumers are always full of doubts about the ham that can be eaten raw, fearing that the hidden bacteria and microorganisms endanger people's health. Today we start with production process equipment and see why these hams can claim to be ' raw.'

Fermentation equipment controls the processing of ham to ensure the safety of raw food

We know that ham needs to undergo pickling and air drying in the production process for more than 10 months, or even three or four years. The ham used for raw food does not undergo high temperature retort sterilization in the final stage, therefore, In the selection stage of raw materials, strict screening is needed. With the development of China's ecological pig breeding industry, more and more areas are breeding pigs, such as corn granules, sweet potato leaves and other green fodder, and play music for them, contracting mountains and other sports for them. These means that the pigs can have proper exercise time during the breeding process, and the cholesterol content in the fat can be reduced. The use of the ham of the pig's hind leg meat can better guarantee the quality of the ham.

In the processing technology, the traditional Chinese ham is mostly produced at room temperature, and the microorganisms are easily proliferated. In order to counter this phenomenon, the high-salt method is usually used to marinate the ham, which also makes the final product taste too salty and difficult to eat raw. Raw ham production requires fermentation at a lower temperature, so relatively precise temperature control equipment is required. In order to produce raw ham that meets production specifications, Chinese companies introduce fermentation equipment from Italy. The equipment can control the temperature throughout the fermentation. With humidity, and isolation of bacteria to ensure the taste and safety of raw ham.

In addition, the fermentation time of raw ham is more stringent. The raw ham will react with the protein in the pork during the fermentation process to make the meat firm and achieve the ripening effect. At the same time, in the pork The constant action of proteases and microorganisms will make the ham produce the complex aroma and flavor that can not be produced by daily cooking techniques. This is also a great enjoyment for some consumers to pursue raw ham. However, the reaction of ham with insufficient fermentation time is not complete, making the meat quality The taste and flavor are insufficient, which affects the high quality image of raw ham.

Since the foreign ham brand entered the Chinese market, raw ham has made the domestic cooked ham brand hot with several times or even dozens of times of difference. As a result, some raw ham brands have appeared on the market. People in China have doubts about food safety. Next, China's raw ham brand wants to cultivate the corresponding market, but also needs to establish a food traceability system from breeding, slaughtering to ham processing and sales, to ensure the authenticity of each raw ham production information, traceable, in order to reassure the people Raw food.