Bull: A butterfly with a value of tens of billions of sockets

'Brand' is the core topic in the modern market competition, and it is also the concentrated expression of the quality and strength of the company. In the 23 years of development of Bull Group Co., Ltd., the word 'brand' has always been the focus of attention. It is a comprehensive concept that encompasses the enterprise and product entities, or an information symbol that the company builds on the public impression. Good brand marketing not only facilitates consumer choice of products, but also shortens the consumer's decision-making process for product purchases.

As early as 2005, the Bulls innovatively applied the sales method of fast-selling products to the sockets, integrated the manufacturing industry with the service industry, and changed the 'sit-business' to the 'traveler'. The store conducts classified statistics, sales put the sockets into the trucks, distributes the goods at various outlets, and delivers them one by one. It quickly opened up the national market and firmly held the sales of hundreds of thousands of retail stores in their own hands. Now, the bulls Sales channels have spread over more than 300 cities across the country, opening up more than 800,000 terminal sales stores, and successfully selling bull products to overseas markets such as the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, etc. With the advantage of channels, the bull has grown into a household name. Brand. 'Channel means market breadth, marketing means product exposure.' In addition to being known by the 'word-of-mouth effect' of the quality of the product itself, the importance of applauding good products is self-evident.

With the development of the economy, the simple brand promotion method of the enterprise has gradually evolved into a systematic marketing strategy. At the same time that the Russian World Cup was held in full swing in 2018, several high-speed rail stations such as Shanghai Hongqiao Station, Guangzhou South Railway Station and Wuhan Railway Station appeared in multiple groups. The creative lightbox advertisement with the theme of 'E-sports World Cup' has attracted people from the past. This is the brand advertisement of the Bull Group for the three-dimensional distribution of personalized products. With the combination of hotspots and product features, the Bulls will brand The popularity is further spread out among young people.

E-commerce as a typical marketing path for brand competition is heating up. Whether a company understands the 'playing method' in e-commerce marketing directly affects its brand attitude towards the new consumer groups. It is understood that the Bull Group has been established. The e-commerce business unit has standardized and systemized e-commerce business. Until this year, the e-commerce operation of the bull has been going on for nearly 8 years. As of last year, the sales growth of the bull e-commerce platform has far exceeded the peer level. Meanwhile, the bull Also holding Amazon's cross-border e-commerce platform to open overseas markets, the first batch of bull products was launched in the US market in early 2017, laying a solid foundation for the bull brand to become international.

'Double Eleven' is the climax of e-commerce marketing every year. Last year's 'Double Eleven', Bulls plugged on Tmall pre-sale, preheating, outbreak and other marketing rhythms, to promote in the station, off-site drainage, short video marketing, KOL (Opinion leaders) dissemination and other ways to increase user participation. Through various young marketing methods, further change the user's inherent impression of the bull socket, quickly radiate young user groups, effectively driving young consumers' continuous attention to bull products , deepened the consumer awareness of the bull brand rejuvenation.

In the end, the Bull socket products have achieved Tmall, the total sales volume of Jingdong dual platform sockets, the first sales of the total sales, and the two consecutive years of 'double crowns'. In the field of USB sockets with higher user attention, the Bull Cube The USB socket has a single-day sales volume of 72,000 pieces per day, and won the first place in the sales of USB sockets.

From the era of traditional marketing, to the era of digital marketing, to the era of intelligent marketing, the Bulls continue to explore effective ways for traditional brands to change their inherent image and interact effectively with consumers. The relevant person in charge of the Bull Group said that in recent years, the Bulls have been constantly Trying to rejuvenate various brands, and launching cross-border cooperation with popular variety shows, Hollywood animated blockbusters, etc. Through the joint efforts of products, technology, marketing, etc., the bulls actively adapt to the new era of context and let consumption The company feels the change of the company and gives the new momentum of the 'Bull' brand in a young, diverse and international way.

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