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Consumers living in modern life today are increasingly demanding and perfect for products and services. They pursue quality life, enjoy products with excellent design, and are willing to pay for valuable, high-quality products. At the same time, in the increasingly high-speed and busy social life, modern consumers pay more attention to their own health and family health.

Based on this, the rapid development of healthy home appliances represented by TCL, TCL pollution-free washing machine and TCL integrated variable frequency air-cooled refrigerator have been recognized by the market consumers. August 8, 2018, the heart of the unbounded-2018TCL refrigerator washing machine global strategic cooperation The partner conference was grandly opened in Hefei, Anhui. When talking about how to make breakthroughs in innovation, Wang Xianju, general manager of TCL White Appliances Division, said: 'There is no way to focus on the healthy life of users, just to think from the user's point of view, to explore, to innovate, to understand users, to provide Intimate service'.

What users want is not just clean laundry, but also health care and peace of mind.

In the past, the Chinese people’s requirements for washing machines were only to liberate the labor force and release the hands of the people. After the clothes were thrown into the washing machine, they would not matter. However, the secondary pollution problem caused by the traditional washing machine is getting more and more attention from young people. Whether the clothes are clean or not, whether the washing machine makes the family feel at ease has become the focus of everyone's attention. TCL's first new category of pollution-free washing machines has solved this problem. TCL pollution-free washing machine is creating clean laundry for users. Health care, comfortable to wear a dignified and full-hearted caring.

TCL pollution-free washing machine is a full-scale, full-process, full-life pollution-free system for users: The washing machine thoroughly bids farewell to solid pollutants (filaments, hair, metal, oxides, etc.) and germs (bacterial microorganisms) 100% health care for pollution-free; free of pollution in the whole process of washing, no separate procedures, no pollution process, convenient and worry-free, each time a brand new laundry experience, giving the clothes a new look; providing customers with a life-cycle free solution In the product life cycle of TCL pollution-free washing machine, from purchase to use, no matter how long or short, it will always be free of pollution, and will not cause pollution during use.

Especially after some families have children, many parents are worried about how to prevent cross-contamination of children's clothing and adult clothes in daily life. TCL pollution-free buckets in the barrel washing machine is aimed at this Demand, TCL pollution-free washing machine to create 1+N exclusive space, using the innovative barrel-barrel technology principle, to create a '1+N' washing mode, the whole family one person a barrel, a washing machine to meet the health needs of the whole family, Peace of mind and health.

Focus on the user's every use scene to give users peace of mind and peace of mind

The traditional washing machine can't meet the needs of users to wash and wear. The drying process of clothes is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The TCL pollution-free washing machine adopts the first low-temperature and quick-drying condensing type washing and drying machine, and the double-layer high-efficiency metal condenser realizes the 40-minute speed-drying and drying-- - 2 shirts for 40 minutes to wash quickly, that is, wash and dry, 2 shirts for 26 minutes to dry quickly; for the fast pace of life, eager to quickly complete the washing and drying business, it is undoubtedly a very practical function.

At the same time, 50 degrees of low temperature drying care allows the clothes to be dried during the drying process. Even the materials such as wool, down, silk and so on can be refined and dried. Although washing and drying is not a new concept for consumers, it is actually used. In the process, it is not easy to take care of the drying quality at the same time. The drying efficiency and the protection of the clothes are not easy. It is conceivable that with the help of low temperature washing, consumers will be more willing to buy quality clothing without worrying about clothing maintenance. .

Conserving the nutrition and health of the family, let the TCL refrigerator become a healthy diet library.

In the past, refrigerators were simply frozen storage foods. Today's TCL integrated inverter air-cooled refrigerators can fully and accurately care for fresh ingredients, preserve the natural flavor of the ingredients, ensure zero loss of nutrition, and protect the healthy life of users.

Under the protection of such a refrigerator, more young people choose to return to their families, and they are willing to buy more ingredients. Fresh and healthy is a standard for young people. With more fresh and original ingredients, the cooking process has more fun. Let more young people know how to live, and then let more people fall in love with healthy families. At the same time, in the family with children, pregnant and lactating mothers, TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator set 3 °C maternal and child area, Ensure the healthy storage of the mother's milk, let the baby grow up healthily, and let the father and mother feel at ease.

These powerful functions come from the help of TCL refrigerators for food fresh-keeping, which are quick-freezing and natural fresh-keeping. The so-called quick-locking lock is a unique integrated control double-frequency conversion technology to quickly create a uniform temperature storage for the ingredients. Space, achieve 2 minutes of rapid cooling 1 ° C, quickly lock the ingredients fresh. Smart wind really intelligently sense the temperature of the food and the temperature of the refrigerator space, like the 'central air conditioning' of the ingredients, smart and precise swing air supply, cooling quickly and evenly, keep The temperature in the space is constant, and the food is fresh for a long time. Naturally, the fresh AAT negative oxygen ion freshening technology is used in the whole space to provide dust removal, deodorization, sterilization and fresh care into 360° curing. Fruit and vegetable 7 days water retention rate of more than 90%.

It is worth mentioning that TCL integrated variable frequency air-cooled refrigerator is equipped with antibacterial door seal and antibacterial handle. The multiple antibacterial protection not only targets the ingredients in the refrigerator, but also pays attention to the refrigerator storage. The two processes are taken from the shopping to the food storage. , three meals a day full chain full of wisdom and healthy life.

Minimalist and simple style home experience TCL refrigerator washing machine interpretation of healthy life

In addition to the product's function to meet the needs of consumers, TCL refrigerator also has a minimalist and simple design style in terms of design and color matching. In addition, the designer's perfect and unique perspective makes the refrigerator and home style highly integrated. Craftsmanship has always been the concept advocated by TCL refrigerator washing machine. Regardless of the designer or ordinary workers, TCL refrigerator washing machine will always polish a good utensil as a lifelong pursuit, incorporating Chinese cultural elements in the appearance of the product, beautiful and smooth The combination of beautiful lines and exquisite color makes consumers feel the ultimate home experience, and let users realize that the refrigerator is not just a product, but a piece of art that understands you.

Today, people are paying more and more attention to the quality of life. A healthy lifestyle is sweeping through all aspects of our lives. The so-called life is more than just the immediate, but also the plainness and health. The emergence of TCL refrigerator washing machine gives us a healthy life. The concept makes us completely fall in love with the life of a healthy family. In the past 20 years, the TCL refrigerator washing machine has not forgotten its original heart, adhering to the pragmatic and innovative corporate philosophy, and innovating for a healthy life. Focusing on the healthy life of users, taking the needs of users as the origin. Innovative technology interprets the infinite possibilities for a better life, bringing intelligent care and infinite touch to the healthy life of the family.

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