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In recent years, with the continuous increase in raw material prices and the adverse factors such as real estate regulation and control, the domestic refrigerator market has been at a low level. According to the data released by Zhongyikang, as of the 29th week, the overall retail sales of the refrigerator industry showed a negative growth. The increase is -1.4%, and the 'horizontal' market of the refrigerator market is already an industry consensus.

In the face of the negative growth of industry sales, industry experts said that after experiencing three popular policies such as home appliances going to the countryside, the refrigerator market is gradually moving towards a stock market dominated by replacement demand. Consumer demand for refrigerators has been popularized. The shift from quality to quality. Consumption upgrades drive product upgrades, and structural optimization is the most important driving force in the refrigerator industry at this stage.

At the same time, with the expansion of the middle class and young consumer groups, household appliances consumption has shifted from universal consumption to healthy consumption. Preservation and health have become the two most important factors for users when purchasing refrigerators. More and more users are willing to Health and quality white goods are buried, enjoying the quality of life brought about by technological innovation.

More importantly, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Healthy China 2030" Plan Outline to promote 'Healthy China' as a national strategy, and healthy consumption has become a new outlet for all consumption upgrades. This also makes the TCL refrigerators that focus on users' healthy lives all the year round. It has become the focus of the home appliance industry. Its recent sales of refrigerators in the first half of the year at the Global Strategic Partner Conference increased by 13.4% year-on-year.

On August 8, 2018, the Global Strategic Partner Conference of Heart Unbounded-2018TCL Refrigerator Washing Machine was grandly opened in Hefei, Anhui Province. 2018 is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of TCL refrigerator washing machine, standing in the new era and starting point, TCL White Appliances Division refrigerator product center Product Director Chen Shaolin said that 'TCL Refrigerator will continue to uphold the initial intention of the company to innovate for the healthy life of users, adhere to the wisdom and health + strategy, concentrate on the development, to create a smart and healthy refrigerator, to create a user from the outside to the inside, shopping, storage Smart health home for three meals a day. '

Focus on food and food, use the craftsman spirit to interpret the refrigerator

'Simple things are repeated, you are a connoisseur, repeating things with your heart, you are the winner'. It can be said that this sentence has made a history of innovation in TCL refrigerators. In the refrigerator industry, food storage is the basic function of all products. But not every company can do it well. Is it perfunctory or ingenious? The quality of the final output is a world apart.

TCL refrigerator people believe that the fresh storage of food is the duty of refrigerator products, care for fresh ingredients is the starting point of everything. In the past due to technical limitations, air-cooled refrigerators are still insufficient in terms of preservation, moisturizing, etc. While TCL refrigerators have been deeply cultivated for many years. With the determination to choose the end of life, the first integrated frequency conversion, AAT negative oxygen ion fresh and other unique technology, to lock the natural, healthy taste for users.

Chen Shaolin, Product Director of Refrigeration Products Center of TCL White Appliances Division, delivered a keynote speech

In August 2015, TCL refrigerators launched the TCL negative oxygen ion (AAT) fresh-keeping refrigerator, focusing on fresh storage of ingredients. In 2016, TCL refrigerators first promoted TCL air-cooled double-conversion refrigerators, breaking through the limitations of industry air-cooling technology; in 2017, TCL was The world's first integrated inverter air-cooled refrigerator, the industry's first integrated inverter air-cooling technology, with professional refrigeration technology and air supply structure, anti-reflux design, air duct design and other national patents, the system solves many air-cooling technology preservation problems. , energy efficiency is effectively improved, leading the new national standard.

Today's TCL refrigerators are divided into two major dimensions for food fresh-keeping, which are divided into quick-freezing and fresh-keeping. The so-called quick-locking and fresh-keeping is to create a uniform temperature storage space for the ingredients through a unique integrated control double-frequency conversion technology. Realize 2 minutes of rapid cooling 1 °C, quickly lock the ingredients fresh. Smart wind truly intelligently senses the temperature of the ingredients and the temperature of the refrigerator space, just like the 'central air conditioning' of the ingredients, the wisdom of the precise swing air supply, the cooling is fast and even, keep the space The internal temperature is constant, and the food is fresh for a long time. Naturally, the fresh AAT negative oxygen ion fresh-keeping technology is used to provide dust removal, deodorization, sterilization, and fresh care for the food. 7 days water retention rate of more than 90%.

As the saying goes, the devil is hidden in the details. The basic innovation of TCL refrigerator in technical details seems to be unremarkable, but in fact it is the duty of the refrigerator. At the same time, for the storage needs of different foods, TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator with Dry and wet partition, 3 °C maternal and child area, -1 degree fish meat thermostat lock zone, red wine tea health care products special food storage area, truly realize the ingredients from 'simple storage' to 'storage conservation' upgrade.

Grasping the new trend of health, bravely innovating and giving the refrigerator a new mission

All greatness stems from the courage to think, all development comes from dare to do, all achievements stem from the persistence of innovation.

At the conference, Chen Shaolin, Product Director of Refrigeration Products Center of TCL White Appliances Division, said, 'Now people are paying more and more attention to the home environment and starting to pursue a healthy and beautiful life, but many people do not understand the potential bacterial contamination of the refrigerator.'

According to a survey conducted by the University of Arizona, eight out of ten refrigerator doors detected hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of E. coli, Citrobacter and Klebsiella. The probability of detecting molds in the door seal of the refrigerator was 83. Every time you open the refrigerator door, these molds will take the opportunity to spread inside and outside the refrigerator. In 2010, the Global Health Council survey showed that there are more than 80 kinds of germs in the refrigerator, which may make those foods that seem to be fresh at any time. Bacterial contamination, causing gastrointestinal inflammation, leading to dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting, and even the risk of contracting hepatitis B or pneumonia.

Chen Shaolin, Product Director of Refrigeration Products Center of TCL White Appliances Division, delivered a keynote speech

In order to solve the bacterial pollution caused by the refrigerator, to make up for the blind spot of sterilization and antibacterial of traditional refrigerator products, TCL refrigerator is the first in the industry to realize the silver ion antibacterial handle of mildew grade 1 with an antibacterial rate of 99%. Anti-mildew grade 1 antibacterial door seal, the sterilization rate of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus is up to 99%, to achieve the health management of the external space of the refrigerator; inside the refrigerator, through the AAT intelligent sterilization system, using T-Hips modified antibacterial material Remove 91.17% of E. coli in the refrigerator, 90.68% Staphylococcus aureus, trimethylamine, ethanethiol reduction rate of 90.6%, 86.7%, to protect the freshness and safety of ingredients, to provide thoughtful health care for the family.

Chen Shaolin, Director of Refrigeration Products Center of TCL White Appliances Division, believes that: Fresh-keeping is the 'part' of the refrigerator, and health is the 'sentiment' of the refrigerator. The combination of the two is the most intimate care for the user's life.

Enlighten the future of the industry with industrial craftsmanship TCL refrigerator 20 years from the heart

Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL Group, mentioned many years ago that 'holding the industry can support the backbone of the Chinese economy'. So how should we stick to the industry? TCL refrigerator products give us a good example. The refrigerator seems to be simple. Reflecting the strength of the entire Chinese manufacturing industry, TCL refrigerator is constantly practicing the role and mission of the big country brand.

'1398 days without mass quality problems' Chen Shaolin said, this figure is the best embodiment of the ingenuity of countless TCL refrigerator staff.

The rapid development of China's economy advocates the 'businessman's spirit, which makes the craftsman spirit become the shortcoming of the industry. Under the impetus of this spirit, many enterprises have not been able to improve their core capabilities for a long time. But we understand the secret of the longevity enterprise in the world, that is, craftsmen. The inheritance of the spirit for generations. The innovative TCL refrigerator that focuses on the healthy life of the user can achieve today's performance with focus, ingenuity, meticulousness, and meticulousness. This spirit of pragmatic innovation, determination to create perfect craftsmanship Worth learning for all businesses.

It is understood that TCL refrigerator upgraded brand new product brand strategy and wisdom health at the beginning of the year +. 2018 TCL refrigerator's unique AAT wisdom sterilization system will be widely popularized in new products above 250L, all new products 100% equipped with antibacterial door seal and antibacterial Handle; By 2020, TCL refrigerator strives to achieve 70% sales of healthy refrigerators. Through the core technology innovation of the products, TCL refrigerators are fresh and nutritious from the ingredients, and create a three-day meal for customers from shopping to food storage. The whole chain is full of wisdom and healthy life. It can be seen that TCL refrigerators are solid enough and prudent in every step, whether it is the past 20 years or the new development in the future.

In the face of the steady state of the Chinese refrigerator market, some people say that this is the Red Sea, but under the general trend of healthy consumption, TCL is making a new blue sea. As a big country brand TCL refrigerator has been promoting the development of China's manufacturing industry for 20 years, with technology. Innovation creates a smart health home for users and creates a beautiful new life. This is the corporate responsibility of the TCL refrigerator, the mission of the company. I believe that the next 20 years, TCL refrigerator can be expected in the future!

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