TCL refrigerator washing machine 20th anniversary from the heart | TCL washing machine continues to deepen pollution-free + strategy

'The genius of people’s eyes is extraordinary, not supernatural, but they have made continuous efforts. 10,000 hours of tempering is a necessary condition for anyone to become a world-class master from ordinary times. This is 10,000 hours. The law. For TCL washing machines, they pay far more than 10,000 hours. This year marks the 20th anniversary of TCL refrigerator washing machine, August 8, 2018, Heart Unbounded-2018TCL refrigerator washing machine global strategic partner conference in Anhui Hefei grand opening. TCL washing machine will continue to deepen the 'free pollution +' strategy, to concentrate on and upgrade the pollution-free washing machine products, to truly solve the needs of users, intimate for users.

Technological innovation brings product innovation, truly solves user pain points

Science and technology are the primary productive forces. Scientific and technological innovation is an important factor and an important force in promoting the development of modern productive forces. Scientific and technological innovation will lead mankind to a new height and emerge new prosperity. The most intuitive manifestation of technological innovation is the emergence of innovative products. The essence of product innovation is the result of the user's needs, in order to reach the user's most fundamental pain points and interests. In the daily washing, the traditional washing machine will have a lot of dirt inside after long-term use due to internal structural problems. It will breed germs and cause family clothing to suffer secondary pollution during washing.

Xing Zhe, Product Director, Washing Machine Product Center, TCL White Appliances Division, delivered a keynote speech

In March 2016, the TCL refrigerator washing machine with deep insight into the pain points of users launched a revolutionary and subversive pollution-free washing machine in the industry through technological innovation. The pollution-free washing machine began to enter the historical stage; in August 2016, Launched TCL pollution-free drum washing machine to realize the solution of drum anti-fouling system; in March 2017, the first non-pollution barrel-based washing machine became the founder of the free-staining system solution, the maker of the standard for the anti-pollution washing machine. The first special product certification winner of China Light Industry Federation, in March 2018, issued a 'free pollution +' strategic upgrade, TCL washing machine will be the first to achieve offline pollution of the entire product line in 2018, while stopping non- R & D investment in pollution-free products, and stop production of non-stainless washing machines in 2020, and gradually promote healthy washing to a new milestone, so that pollution-free + truly become a standard of healthy living.

After the release of the 'No Pollution+' strategy, TCL washing machines have been pragmatically innovating under the guidance of the strategy, and continue to deepen the 'free pollution +' strategy, innovating for the healthy life of users, truly solving the user's actual pain points, allowing users to 'use comfort, The pleasure of using '. At present, TCL pollution-free washing machine has achieved a full range, full process, 100% free of life. All-round pollution-free washing machine completely bid farewell to solid pollutants (chips, hair, metal, oxide And the bacteria (bacterial microbes), to achieve true health care; laundry process free of pollution, no separate procedures, so that the pollution-free process is more convenient and worry-free, each time a brand new laundry experience, let the clothing look new; Sewage guarantees the product life cycle of TCL pollution-free washing machine, from purchase to use, no matter how long or short, it will always be free of pollution, and will not cause pollution during use.

In the continuous upgrading of innovative products and the continuous deepening of the 'free pollution +' strategy, in the first half of 2018, TCL washing machines shipped more than 1 million units, revenue increased by 16.6%, the industry ranked sixth. 2018 and 2016 year-on-year, The proportion of drums increased from 15.2% to 26.8%; the proportion of large capacity (above 8KG) increased from 18.4% to 42%, and the brand index increased from 58 to 70. TCL washing machines have achieved quality growth for many years and gradually gained industry and The user's affirmation, the innovative product of TCL washing machine is the best interpretation of the corporate concept of 'innovation for healthy life'.

Ingenuity makes extraordinary things from repetition, and intimacy creates a quality lifestyle for users.

Being able to repeat a simple thing, you can become a connoisseur; you can be a winner by being able to do a repetitive thing. TCL washing machine is focused on pollution-free technology while continuing to work on TCL. The pollution-free washing machine products are carefully crafted, pursuing excellence, and strive to create an infinitely perfect washing machine for users.

As the pace of life continues to accelerate, users need to minimize the time spent on household chores such as laundry, and even hope that the clothes can be taken out of the washing machine and directly on the body. In response to the actual needs of users, the TCL pollution-free washing machine adopts The first low-temperature and quick-drying condensing type washing and drying machine, double-layer high-efficiency metal condenser, realizes 40-minute speed-washing and drying one-two-piece shirts, 40-minute speed drying, ie, quick-drying, 2 shirts, 26-minute speed drying; At the same time, the drying temperature is 50 degrees low temperature drying and care, so that the clothes can be refined and dried during the low temperature drying process, even the materials such as wool, down, silk, etc. At the same time, 45 decibel washing and mute, T-DI intelligent precision automatic The TCL free-flow washing machine is even more powerful. The various practical washing assisting functions allow the user to feel all the details in the actual operation, so that they have a pleasant experience. From then on, 'Like' TCL free-smoke washing machine .

In real life, multi-person co-laundering in the family can cause health problems, or when sharing with others, it will cause health problems because many people share a washing machine. The TCL pollution-free barrel in the bucket washing machine appears in this kind of scene. Providing the perfect solution, the TCL pollution-free bucket in the barrel washing machine utilizes the bucket barrel technology principle to create a 1+N exclusive space, with a '1+N' washing mode, to achieve a washing machine for the whole family or many people. Required, truly exclusive +, healthy +.

At the same time of internal technological innovation, the appearance also reflects the ingenuity of TCL pollution-free washing machine. The full touch panel of the operation console adopts a new in-film transfer process, which not only shows clearer, but also makes touch more sensitive; Adopting the shape damping and 涟漪 noise reduction design, the overall strength of the box is increased by 20%, the noise is reduced by 2dB during the washing process, and the use is more silent; the door of the washing machine is equipped with an electromagnetic door lock, which can be opened with a single click; The box enhances the feel of the drawer, makes the user more intimate, truly meticulous, people-oriented, and the TCL pollution-free price is reasonable, so that users can 'affordable'.

The TCL washing machine combines all the details with the most fundamental and practical needs of the user. All of this makes the user feel the intimacy of the product. Intimacy not only stays on the surface, but really knows what the user wants, even TCL washing machine has already been done when the user has not noticed it. TCL washing machine hopes to create a healthier quality lifestyle through the user's intimacy, so that the clothes are not only worn, but for the user to create clean laundry, healthy care, comfortable Dressed in a dignified and full-fledged caring.

Scientific and technological innovation, the country's wishes, but never, will not be all the way in the future. TCL washing machine from the beginning of its establishment, to adhere to the innovation of healthy living, to bring a good life to the faith and commitment of users. Along the way, 20 The achievements of the year have become the starting point for the TCL washing machine to start a new journey, starting from the 'heart' in the new era. Looking ahead, TCL washing machine will keep the ingenuity in the future, and continue to work hard for the healthy life of users, with practical actions, show The beliefs and responsibilities of big country brands!

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