Samsung Note 9 is released today, or will be equipped with new carbon fiber cooling for the Snapdragon 845

Today, it is the day when Samsung released the flagship Galaxy Note9 of 2018. The specific time of the conference is 11:00 pm Beijing time. Friends who want to watch the live broadcast may have to prepare for staying up late.

Although most of the configuration information of the new Samsung Note 9 machine has been exposed, this time Samsung Note 9 seems to be more expected in the details, like the previously exposed S Pen and the new camera sensor. And just yesterday, outside Media sungMobile.News added a new message, Note 9 will change from copper tube heat to carbon fiber heat pipe, the effect is better.

In this regard, many people in the industry have questioned its authenticity, because the starting storage capacity of Note 9 has been increased from 64GB to 128GB. If you want to maintain a price similar to Note 8 (from $929), switch to carbon fiber cooling. Undoubtedly will increase costs and squeeze profit margins.

Create a Samsung S7 with mobile phone cooling

However, considering the huge competitive pressure of the smart phone market this year, it is not impossible for Samsung to extremely compress the cost. From the information exposed by foreign netizens, the price of Samsung Note 9 may be based on Note 8 this year. A little improvement, due to the upgrade of many spare parts and the increase of research and development costs, Samsung may consider more profitable users this year.